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  • jupiterspinning jupiterspinning Apr 24, 2013 9:32 PM Flag

    Dollar in 100 year Bear Market


    Even in the last 5 years the dollar has been doing poorly. It would do worse except other currencies making dollar look "good."

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    • Thank's to fracking, the U.S. Dollar is the best of most other currencies. The Japanese people are very smart. After near 22 years of saving and deflation, they will win the export market.

    • Almost all Currencies are in on the game now. Everyone printing more Fake money to buy real goods. Hell if another country would take my monopoly money as payment for their real products I would would continue printing and buying from them all day long... When the jig is up is when countries start to say NO to american dollar... But then again look what happens when they try to... Iran will be the next target....

      I know people are saying that countries are taking steps to side step the dollar ... This is true... But when it will take full effect is anyones guess... This is why everyone should be buying in on a steady basis... You cant possibly know when the tipping point will be. What you should be able to realize is when it does happen you me and all who are holding what ever currency thats going to get crippled will do so in a Very quick fashion...

      I think it was Skarry that mentioned what happened to Mexico. Or maybe it was Jehrrico .. I guess he is Fishing on his property. Havent seen him for a LONG TIME....

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