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  • defcon_dong defcon_dong May 1, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    I could picture 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin selling for $500.00 in the near future

    Once COMEX DEFAULT and have no more silver bars for delivery.. they become a SILVER PONZI EXCHANGE... that's the beginning of the end of the silver paper.

    Physical Silver will go back to $500.00 oz and later run to $1500 oz

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    • Hard to figure you out Ted. Hows your paid advisory service going, LMAO.

      I still have your brochure from 1997 advising me that silver would soon be selling for 150 bucks an ounce.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • Manipulations for sure, but don't believe any of the ETFs are fraudulent. The market cap is 7 billion. These guys manage trillions. Every share is backed up. The price and NAV are steady without a variance. Shorts have used the SLV=SCAM mantra to scare weak hands out. They succeeded but those idiots were chased last free fall. New entrants don't buy into that BS. Eric Sprott's tried to get SLV and SIVR investors into his PSLV, using that mantra. It back fired on him.

      If Silver increases to 500, SLV will increase the same %.

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