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  • jackal_jeer jackal_jeer May 17, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

    Canadians are clever with the silver 1 ounce $100 denomination coin and the silver $20.00 coin

    The Good, Bad and Ugly with this is:

    1, the good is the one ounce coin now has a price floor it will always be worth $100.00

    2. the bad is it will cost at least $100.00 bucks to Buy it

    3. the ugly is if silver ever does become worth more than $100.00 an ounce people might melt the coin.

    just joking....

    the canadian mint has offered every family an option to buy up to three $20.00 silver coins per household for $20.00 per coin. Ten of these little do dads almost equal an ounce of silver with a dollar value of $200.00 bucks that my friends is something to think about.

    if the US Mint offered fractional coins with higher denominations both my guess and bet is sLV paper will become non existent. always did like the idea that the Maple Leaf was stamped $5 Dollars.

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    • This is a untruth. There is no way the government here is acting in such a fashion. Goldman sach sac sack whatever owes Canada and so we are just as easily fubared as the rest of you. The mint sells $20 coins sure but with $1400 gold behind it. If what you state is true and I didnt even bother to check since I know it is wrong, the entire country would be on the phone to the mint.

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