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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Jun 13, 2013 11:07 PM Flag

    Silver Premium

    For eagles is 16.5 % over spot ... Apmex is asking to much... Funny Why if silver is SOOO Readily available , Why then such a HIGH PREMIUM ? Please you #$%$ Frag go ahead and explain that one... #$%$ with Feet.

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    • Could not agree with you more, Ideal. Apmex is WAY overboard on those premiums. I could put up with a slight delay, such as with Gainsville...but at least one is in more of a reality with premium !!! Yes, I too would like to hear an explanation !!!

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      • Even Gainesville Coins premiums are close to 15 % ... This is OBVIOUSLY because of DEMAND is STRONG And Supply is Not there. But GOD FORBID Our BS Gubment do its JOB... Oh Wait they are doing a job and that is on the people they are supposed to represent.... Manipulation in Metals and all over this B.... S.... Market is So Freaking OBVIOUS its truly DISGUSTING.... This is why I seriously URGE ALL OF YOU To Buy REAL ASSETS ONLY... Because when the day comes.... AND IT WILL COME... The day this SCAM ends its going to hit HARD... AND FAST... And most will Get CLOBBERED.... We all Will feel it but many wont just get Whip lash , It will kill them...

        Read about how many people STARVED To Death in the Great Depression Days.... This Next Great Depression will make the first look like a Walk in the park... People need to open their yes and see whats already happening all around the rest of the world... If you dont think that that kind of life style and Riots and fighting can't happen here well you better think again...

        I am still myself in prepare mode. I still have many things to fill on my list of things to get ready for.

        I dont know if we will experience a Complete break down but I can for certain see why we would. If I was a nation I would not sell my REAL VALUE Commodities for what we offer in return.. Fiat Dollar...

        Its only going to take one major Nation to realize this and BOOM.... Iran was just the beginning...

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