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  • morebeer4mee morebeer4mee Jun 29, 2013 9:08 PM Flag

    Silver is worth $5 on a good day.

    And one day, you'll wake up and face that fact. It'll get so cheap, I'll be making fishing sinkers from it. LOL!

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    • Silver was about $5 from 1991 - 2004. Don't for a second think its not headed back there. Same thing with gold....that's headed back to $400, easily. Its only metal and is worth only what someone else is willing to pay. The bubble has been popping, but has a LONG way to go yet. Enjoy the ride down.

    • Got quit drinking all that beer. Beer rots the brain and gives you a gut. Looks like you got offers for any silver you have. I would take it based on your market interpretations. If you don't have any silver, find a seller who thinks like you and buy all you can. You can then take the money and buy more beer!!!!!

    • I suppose you still may be working with some old outdated information. ALL newer silver demand/uses for silver are worth far more than $5/oz. Also, if your $5/oz is based on the cost of by-product silver production, as both the price and volume of by-product metals decline, the size of the credits arbitrarily assigned to defraying the cost of silver production also decline, making the silver more expensive to produce (just as the by-product metals will be more expensive to produce). If by-product metal production declines (slowdown in Chinese economy, etc.) by-product silver production will also decline. If (newly mined) silver production declines, additional stocks of silver will almost certainly have to be physically drawn down (and recycled) from other above ground available inventories, which could quickly and easily become extremely 'tight'. Cheers...

    • ok i'll be nice and give u 14$ per oz for all u have

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