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  • jkwelli jkwelli Jul 12, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    **** Lavish Military Pensions, Stop Military Welfare ****

    Google navytimes Military-pension-would-hard-match

    I know someone that went through ROTC and ended their military career after 20 years with 40K pension for life. They are also working another military related civilian job now and eligible for another pension in 20 years.

    The googled navytimes link reinforces my experience.

    US defense budget is $1000 billion per year in 2011 it was $354 billion in 2001.
    Us cannot afford this defense welfare.

    Military get free housing, medical, electric and food. Some get allowances if they are not living on base.
    The perks also continue after retirement.

    In last 40 years, no one was forced to enter the military via the draft. They chose to do so.

    I am posting this because some jackal pos attacked me, lied about me and provided nothing of merit.

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    • Some clueless unpatriotic dimwits want to bankrupt the US by spending more and more on the military.
      Some of these people are called republicans.
      Ron Paul is an exception.

    • MustyMindMuse: You are on ignore. you have offered nothing but personal attacks. NO data. Nothing to refute any fact presented. I can see you still eagerly respond but sorry, you lack any real contribution and are not worth any more time.

      IMO you need to open your mind, face truth and stop personal attacks and TRY to make a point.

    • Bawaah poor baby! Seems welfare people will make more than you when you go on pension. Bitter Baby haha

      Success in life is measured by one's ability to deal with reality... Liars don't do well and have a tendency to blame everyone else for their ills.

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      • "Success in life is measured by one's ability to deal with reality"
        IMO you are not very successful.
        I have posted facts. Undisputable. You have continually attacked me and provided no counter argument. Nothing of merit. Just your misplaced emotion.
        Grow up face the facts. The US military have grown from $354 billion in 2001 to $1000 billion in 2011. Us can't afford this military state.

    • too stupid to set up a meaningful pension for yourself! just jealous because you can't have

      noticed you forgot to mention that in previous post you called the pensioner your friend haha guess that ain't so huh ya F'n Tool

    • extremeclown Jul 12, 2013 6:51 PM Flag

      why don't you move to china or north korea?

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      • Because I can experience China right here on the SLV board and it is not good.

        Unless one cheerleads SLV at any price, even $40, then the hoarders descend upon a poster and demand retraction or launch personal attacks.

        It is quite funny really. you guys would be at home in CHINA.

        You are intolerant of anything outside your communist views IMO. US has freedom of speech and dissent. Go to China if you want to control how people think or what they say.

        If one posted the devil is good, buy all the silver coins you can, you would eagerly agree.

        Us spends more on defense than the next 10 top defense spending countries COMBINED.

        You may be fine with the US going bankrupt, spending ever more on its military being the world's policeman for no pay.

        I however care about MY country and realize a problem when I see it.

        Sorry SLV probably going to $8 late 2014.

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