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  • jkwelli jkwelli Jul 29, 2013 8:48 AM Flag

    Hoarders Want Worst For US Of America

    How un American!
    Hoarders want the US to fail miserably.
    Last thing hoarders want is for the US economy to do well and begin to address its debt issue.

    I am not going to worship a false idol, silver or gold, and pray with the devil that the US goes under.

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    • Silver down again today. Hoarders told me that silver would be up every day this week.
      So far they are 0 for 2.

    • Hoarders want a safe store of wealth, plain and simple. They consider physical assets to be superior to financial paper assets. Its a way to diversify assets and hedge your bets, as well. Gold is the global intrinsic currency.

    • It is UN AMERICAN to have a currency that is not backed by Gold. "No State shall make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts". I read that in the constitution.

    • jkwelli
      This individual is a racist fraud.

    • You are so wrong. Hoarders are frustrated with government spending and excessive debt. We understand that our great country is on the wrong path similar to Greece. Something for nothing is not the American Way, but that's where we are. Hoarders understand that our reckless ways will lead to disaster and the only logical result is to inflate our way out of debt. We protect ourselves for the eventual. We know that all fiat currencies fail. We insure our future way of life the best way we know, by investing in a real asset. Time tested and the only true world currency since the time of the pharaohs. I'm not hoping, wishing or thinking the US will fail. To the contrary. I believe the US will prosper. Higher priced assets, everything multiplied by 10 is our future. The people who will suffer are those who didn't protect themselves. Fixed income will suffer, unless they own assets to compensate for the rise in costs. What I'm talking about may not occur for years, but it will happen. I'm in no rush, but I always question myself if I am buying enough. You have the right to be bearish and even short silver, but don't question any of our patriotism.

    • »Hoarders don’t wànt it to happen. We recognize that current debt levels and government bloat is unsustainable. When (not if) it crashes, I am prepared to take care of my family. You may feast on hope and change.


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      • Since 1980 $1 million DJIA grew to $16 million.
        $1 million in silver over the same time is probably worth less than $1 million.

        I am not hoping that the US will crash.

        Too bad bush and repubs gave away $3 trillion US to afghan and IRAQ. Do they love muslims? Why weren't repubs eager to spend that money rebuilding the US instead of building muslim countries?

        NIce change from the war hawk loonies. Palin wanted to spend a trillion attacking IRAN. Stop giving US money to foreigners repubs. Stop getting draft deferrals from wars repubs. If you want the unnecessary wars then fight them yourself.

        Find WMD yet?

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