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  • commonsenseonly1 commonsenseonly1 Jul 29, 2013 6:46 PM Flag

    Jim Willie says:

    The COMEX will shut down in the near future from absent gold in inventory. The Paradigm Shift of power and wealth shifting to the East is underway.
    Many are the Gold Inversion Signals which lurk, such as the negative Gold Forward Rates and the Backwardized Gold futures contracts. The physical gold shortages are creating a gigantic problem for the big bullion banks, primarily located in New York and London. They are running out of locations to steal gold from.
    Prepare for numerous shocking stories, shocking revelations, shocking developments, and shocking new systems put in place that lift the Gold price to $5000 and then $7000 per ounce, and the Silver price to $150 and then $250 per ounce. It is coming.
    The sellers today are the fools of tomorrow, because they react to a stated price of Gold that bears no connection to the true Gold price.

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    • I actually hope and wish for a comex shutdown. In the past it was manufacturing jobs that went east and the make believe elitist metals manipulators of the comex thought of themselves immune and too high browed to suffer the same consequence... well its too late to become a whistle blower the ink is dry.

      jpm is world wide and once the shift is complete many domestic jpmers will join the roles of the unemployed ah poetic justice, so sweet!. I'm all for the dissolving of congress and outsourcing their work to some globalized group of elders after all, most (new) laws now are imbedded within newly signed treaties without congressional concurrence. Congress people are more than a drag on our economy they are traitors to the constitution.

      The current trade treaty with europe dictates that annuities should be standardized throughout the world and payments of an annuity assumes you as a male will live to 79. Not so american males don't live as long as europeans but your annuity payments will shrink because its assumed you will live longer. Talk about thievery. And what does a trade treaty have to do with life expectancy and annuity payments anyway?

      p.s. jim willie is a whacko that makes predictions on assumptions but in this case I hope he is right. I want to see massive unemployment in the banking and financial sectors. I want to congress children lose their gratis jobs in the financial sectors.

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