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  • jkwelli jkwelli Jul 30, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    Un American Nut JObs Want To Bankrupt the US

    Yes, Un American nut jobs want to bankrupt the US by spending more and more money on US defense.
    They call this idiocy patriotic.

    They perversely want to bankrupt the US so their hoard of silver goes up in value.

    US spent $354 billion on defense in 2001.
    US spent $1000 billion on defense in 2012
    US spends more than the next top ten countries combined on defense.

    After only 20 years of service, military personnel are eligible for lifetime pension.
    Personally know some that retired after 20 years that will make near 40K for life just on military pension.

    They are also allowed to get ANOTHER pension from the government in addition to this military pension.
    Person I know is serving in civilian capacity working on his 2nd pension with the US government.

    How can the US afford to pay pensions for 50 years to an individual that worked only 20 years?

    It is not sustainable.

    It is un American to spend more and more on defense while bankrupting the USA.

    God Bless America.

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    • Personally know some that retired after 20 years that will make near 40K for life just on military pension.

      yeah right welli!

      Hey jkwelli liar... your original post said: "you had a friend who retired from military at $40k". not some that retired. Admit it.

      explain to us why your name also spells out K*ILL - J*EW?

      Hey welli anyone in your family sucking up on food stamps, unemployment bennys, welfare, Federal or State funded rehab and counseling services because they are junkies? You better think twice before you attack people for their pensions.

      More money is wasted on junkies than social security payments... FEDS took money from social security trust to pay for junkie rehab. jkwelli thinks himself to be a patriot as he slams military pensions when those costs don't even approach the costs of rehabbing incurable junkies. T.alk about a screwed up value system.

      Junkie Dealers should be forced to pay income tax and junkies should be made to pay back money that was spent on them... after all a college grad is expected to pay back student loans.

      jkwelli wont respond because he is an F*ing tool.

    • extremeclown Jul 30, 2013 1:58 PM Flag

      why don't you direct this anger at the US congress, which has a higher pension financial responsibility than ALL of the military combined?
      is it because your dadddy is a draft doging congressmen?

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      • This is not anger. Only the truth. Did I use any profanity? Nasty words? Only facts and numbers to support the facts.

        Congress pensions probably need looked into. I already asked my representatives to cut defense spending.

        Us cannot support this massive military. Not practical to pay someone for 20 years work then give them a pension for another 50 years not to work. A military pension can be 50% of their final salary.

        The money just isn't there.

    • US spent $354 billion on defense in 2001.
      US spent $1000 billion on defense in 2012

      Increase mostly due to inflation. And you can't get anymore Un American than being a Traitor. I'm all for the shooting of traitors like jkwellies.

      Explain your moniker. How come when you rearrange jkwelli it spells K*I*LL J*EW?

      Most soldiers never see retirement and one has to be a Major or above to get $40k pension and most probably have a Masters Degree... A similar civilian job would command a 400k pension.

      You as all liars do twist the truth to suit your needs. Most of your fellow Texans don't carry the opinions and hatreds you do. thank god.

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      • US defense budget in 2001 was $354 billion until 9/11 happened. That event almost bankrupted the Nation in a single day. Air traffic was shut down for a week.

        Thanks to crazy Arabs!

        This event proved that Defense Budget was insufficient. But jkwelli the traitor sees this differently because he hates and hates America. jkwelli is a truth manipulator with an agenda.

        You can thank arabs every time you stand in line at the airport security checkpoint. You can thank arabs for the increased air travel costs because of enhanced security.

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