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  • densedean densedean Jul 30, 2013 4:09 PM Flag

    JPM fined $7 billion concerning 11 separate crimes since 2011

    That does not include the recent electrical energy price fixing. And no one went to jail.

    JPM victims included its own clients, individual states, pensioners, and the US Government and the purposeful foreclosures of mortgages held by US Military personnel. Thankfully restitution was enforced by the courts to the military employees with apologies. Also guilty of Illegal and contrived overdraft fees imposed on customers with JPM checking accounts.

    Talk about Traitors... these antics do not include the hushed hushed mysterious $4billion london whale.

    Keep in mind JPM received bail out money from the US Taxpayers. Think of those things that JPM continues to get away with... like commodities overburdened with fees.

    JPM buys the OIl at $68.00 delivers it and stores it in its own facilities and then charges the refiner $108 per barrel because of fees.. its not price fixing oil but the fees are a work around to charge higher prices.

    CFTC conveniently overlooks JPM's vertical and monopolistic control of commodities

    Tell me JPM isn't a criminal enterprise. A little RICO is needed instead of placing blame on rogue traders or overlooked criminal activity.

    Congressional term limits would be a step in the right direction.

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