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  • densedean densedean Jul 31, 2013 11:02 AM Flag

    SLV down on good volume and FOMC soon to speak...

    Hate to say this but I am throwing in the towel next bounce if we ever see one... yeah its all paper trading and us mint is selling record amount of coins but reality says this game can go on forever.

    JPM, Goldman & others can do whatever they want without fear of regulatory interference says it all, maybe 2, 3 or 4 years from now silver will rise in value but I don't feel like waiting. Trade volume is dropping and the whole world is going into recession again so look for new silver and gold lows as industrial demand dries up.

    Owning SLV is guaranteed wealth erosion. Will close all my positions on any bounce if it comes.

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    • FOMC will state like Greenspan that there is no inflation on the horizion. Greenspan was the chairman of the committee which got social security taxes doubled and the the Federal Reserve allowed congress to steal all the fica money. IT does not matter what they say. Texas fed stated 14 trillion was the cost of the recend fiasco and if you add social security you are looking at many trillions dollars which needs to be accounted. We are so screwed and it does not matter how much flooding of corporations the federal reserve does the economic is going to implode. We need to get rid of the Federal reserve and hopefully fire all of congress and the senate. Only that might get us a chance of a real recovery.

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