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  • gambro_juday gambro_juday Aug 2, 2013 6:57 PM Flag

    3 month of non-stop bashing of Silver and non-stop smackdown.. Silver is close to breakout .. taking out $20

    This article was written 3 months ago..
    This was written 3 months ago..

    Let us examine the latest comical lies of the mass media closely. This week they tried to sell you on the ideas that the global silver markets are massively oversupplied, that silver and gold are only benefitting from a dead cat bounce, and that equities and real estate will massively outperform the precious metals in the next few years.

    Is the Global Silver Market Really Massively Oversupplied?
    This week, financial media trotted out a brand new theory designed to kick silver to the curb. They were not merely content with the recent price plunge to as low as $22 and change per ounce. They wanted a better, more devious story to help knock the legs out from under the recent silver market comeback. To this effect, they created the idea that silver’s industrial demand is massively slowing down.

    It was not just one minor analyst who came out with this withering salvo either. In a rare display of rival mainstream financial institution solidarity, all of the big guns were firing in unison this week. The American based Blackrock mega asset manager joined forces with other global heavyweights like Australia’s Macquarie Bank, Switzerland’s Credit Suisse, Great Britain’s HSBC, and France’s Society General. Together, they combined their considerable powers to spin the notion that silver’s industrial use has just taken a swan dive off of a high cliff.

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