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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 5, 2013 10:29 PM Flag

    MEEK volume at best....

    LMFAO.. What will these Clowns do when everyone stops playing in their pond of #$%$ ? GAME OVER.... More and more STACKERS are putting pressure with every passing day.... THE BROKERS / #$%$ Bankers are SCREWED....

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    • Wouldn't surprise me if the big banks are secretly accumulating metals, while the same bank driving the price lower. In their face of massive silver demand from India.

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      • I havent been silent in my views on this. I do think and BELIEVE 100 % That all these Brokers and Bankers are S... C....U....M... But I tend now to live my life through proverbs and its wisdom. So I will take a couple of notes out of proverbs and see if it can apply. First is I am not my brothers keeper. This applies to JPM And Friends. You know the difference from right and wrong so when all this comes back to slap you in the face { Hope it does } Then you will only have yourselves to blame. Next is Dont look a GIFT HORSE In the mouth. LOL Be Thankful for this Gift of CHEAP SILVER And Take as much as you can WITHOUT Being Greedy and harming any of your future commitments. Meaning Dont over extend. Dont use money you will need anytime soon or for bills of today. I am sure more can apply but you get the picture. Last one. Opportunity like this comes along once or twice in a lifetime. Seas it while you can.

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