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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 14, 2013 9:15 PM Flag

    Yellen...All this Talk about this women feels like...

    The same #$%$ When Obama was running for office... OH Yes he will take us to the promise land... Now its the same HOPE AND DREAMS coming from the media with this new Cheer leader... Yeah RIGHT... Like she is going to work magic. Who wants to bet she does more same old same old as old Ben did but she ups the anti and makes it worse . JUST LIKE OBAMA did. Who wants to place a small wager ?

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    • she is just another scam artist.

    • The US and the world are fueled by our equity and RE markets. It runs on high octane QE. Yellen said the 'right' things today to appease the masses.
      As far as the elections, every election is the promise of prosperity if you just believe. Just don't try to figure out what that is going to cost us one day. Apparently, $17 trillion is not too much. No political group has asked for a haircut.
      The good news is, if the economy improves, it's good for silver. If it does not, it's good for silver. Silver will have its time.
      Buy silver.

    • I Like Reading your Post, they best, thanks

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      • Yes thats what we get all the time ... EMPTY PROMISES and Pipe dreams and wishful thinking. Then as soon as they are in they do what they have REALLY Planned to do all along...

        I have said this before. Everyone should seriously be thankful for this Gift and opportunity to invest in real silver. THANKFUL Because when this is all over you will most likely never get a gift like this again. The world currencies are getting ready to implode and will change the way we do business. All Commodities will change in value and most likely the word cheap wont be used when talking about the prices.

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