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  • idealcarpentry idealcarpentry Nov 25, 2013 11:41 PM Flag

    What would you do if you new you were going to go BK ?

    Would you borrow and spend more if the Banks let you ? Or would you go get another job and make Huge sacrifices all for nothing and go BK. anyways ? People this is by design. America is BROKE and the Fed is still printing more money and making more debt . More like more wait to fall on us all. They cant afford to pay all the welfare the S.S. the pensions NOR ANY INTEREST On the Debt so what else to do then to collapse the system and start over.... I really suggest to all to buy hard assets and pray.... If you want to make the system collapse even faster go borrow all you can and just let it go... SO WHAT You will have POOR CREDIT... Much like what 85% of americans... LOL Well at least you will have something for it. Unlike most everyone else.

    Another thing I am SOO SHOCKED but not really is why hasnt anyone brought up the topic about WHY ARE THE FEDS BUYING THE TOXIC WASTE BONDS ? HMMMM ... Because if those bonds go belly up people will not only lose their savings in those JUNK BONDS But Many more AMERICANS Will lose their JOBS... The trickle down effect will be MASSIVE... Will also start another drop in housing... They even stopped the housing Forcloser because it was KILLING The Tax to the Gubment. both ways to sundown.... No Tax income from BK Homes and also brought value down on other homes and tax went down as well. DOUBLE WHAMMY....

    Next shoe is getting ready to drop people... This difference is this time the leg will still be attached. Im not JOKING ... You Really better start looking at the hole picture.

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