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  • jkwelli jkwelli Dec 14, 2013 9:33 AM Flag

    *** Definition of Livestupid ***

    Buy silver at $44 and continue to say all the way down that the "low" has been reached.
    "Low" reached at $36, 430, $24, $20, etc.

    Post often that silver is manipulated and that it is a conspiracy,

    Blame everything on JPM and mysterious others.

    Say silver must be rigged, on down days.

    Say everything is ok on days when silver goes up and that finally manipulators are being corralled.

    Post blatant lies like silver miners cost of production is $34 an ounce when silver was $30. Then post year later that miners cost per ounce is $24 when price of silver is $20.

    If you don't want to live stupid, you need to take an honest look at what moves the silver market.

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    • Wow, you are so full of angst and negativity.
      You've never have a constructive statement and nothing positive to say.
      How do you think that reflects upon you?
      I have not said those things you state. You've read the collective posts from others and then attributed them to me.
      That wouldn't be right.
      Take your terrible name and flakey posts and find something better to do.
      Put your best effort forward and try to do something positive with your life.

      LIVESTRONG for those who believe

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