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  • freedad3 freedad3 Apr 15, 2014 10:00 PM Flag

    china,confirmed??U best pul it off,u'v been promising 15 for EVER!!!!!!!

    come on u big #$%$...........

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    • Yeah Man let's see it. Been waiting !!! lol

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      • Even if 15 were to come and I think it will . I bet we will still be paying over 11k for a monster box because of the premiums .. I really think they are using some of those premiums to go back to the miners. I guess the better buy now is the bars… Myself I still like the coins and maples though. Anyways if I see 15 I will GLADLY purchase many more at those prices…

        I have no Idea how long they can keep this up but even if the world is in a deflation stage they still one day will be in recovery mode and will need much more silver then ever before…. On another note. All that one has to remember is how deep some of these mines are digging now. If silver was easy to get they wouldn't be digging so deep for it. Same goes for oil… We might be seeing Peak output in many commodities… Many signs are proving this.. For instance Germany once again using brown coal for energy.. Then there is the Oil sands. Next Fracking . And even better is DEEP SEA DRILLING….. The world energy demand is going crazy. Why ? Could it be because many other countries wants what America and europe of enjoyed for a very long time ? When India and China really take stride for energy needs and demand things will go CRAZY… Just think how both have 4 to 5 times the populations compared to america and yet they use 3 to 5 times less power then their counterpart american family. So you can easily see what is coming as far as demand...

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