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  • peccatum_comedenti peccatum_comedenti Jun 14, 2014 2:48 PM Flag

    Entire selloff from 50 was fake and fraud.

    We all know that silver they dumped was owned by other people. And it is now all gone. Bankers are very ignorant in their hopes and dreams that the public will stupidly sell low to them.

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    • or was run up manipulated by the PM priests who sold their stash to blame ?

      or somewhere in between.....we all know that is more likely

    • Stackers will be the cause of the end of this relentless Manipulating. We stackers are growing in numbers. We are relentless in our quest . We will never sell what you gave away for peanuts. We thank you for this opportunity … We know a gift when we see it and again say thank you for it. When the world wants to expand in the near future they will be paying us stackers BIG TIME for our supplies. Imagine what the demand for silver is going to be once India And china families are at the same pace as their american families when it comes to owning gadgets and using energy… We will be soooo far past peak mining and energy it alone will cause fighting and wars. Kind of like we are seeing now but possibly much worse.

      I have said this before and I will say it again… People you need to look at this in the right way. These Brokers are giving you a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY … You either chose to buy up as much silver as you can while its still cheap or you let it pass you bye. When this does explode to the upside it will most likely be its last time ever seeing lower then 20 again. Investment demand is growing at a very steady pace and is building up a very nice base down here . Think about how much silver is going to leave us in the next decade. Billions will be gone . Mines will be depleted and new mines will be in high demand but at what price will it cost to mine them ? Certainly not as cheap as it is today. Energy costs equipment costs tax labor land price , All going higher.

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