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  • hotlady1492 hotlady1492 Jun 19, 2014 7:45 PM Flag

    President Obozo, the black bafoon is sending gas and oil prices to the moon

    Silver headed to $50 soon and gold over $2000. The poor dumb public has no clue what's coming. Dumb sheep.

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    • and that from someone mad at how life passed him by betting on a meltdown to raise his social and eco statu ?.

      please dude...go bother your friends.

    • They will get their worthless dollars in their 401K's, and PLEANTY OF THEM!!!

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      • Not really , if you look back VP Chaney for BOD member of Halburt. was behind Bush pushing for war invasion , that knowing the war machine and oil fields would be targets - could the oil lobbyist and big oil / money be behind this resent surge so they can make B's more.

        Remember - The USA is now producing more oil the importing and in fact exporting oil along with - compressed gas ,and they said Drill baby Drill - but did American prices come down "NO" they continued to rise?
        Did America win the Iraq oil or was it China that made the deals?

        You need to look behind the curtain a little more - I in turn 6 months ago bought KMP , EPB ,Precious Metals all going way up from all this Bad News (or is it financially good news to some /1% / and Banks). Read the tea leaves - oil precious metal all will eventually come back in favor learn to sell after you make a good profit on them , and retrace - that is the story of the world. IMO!

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