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  • itsgettingdeep itsgettingdeep Aug 25, 2010 2:45 PM Flag

    All Jazzed Up - Going To . . . .

    Longs were all Jazzed up after the stunning lashing the FDA advsiory panel handed JAZZ longs 20-2. Not usuals to see a beating like that from the advisory panel.

    So where do we head from here, looking at the stocks recent trading history, $6 looks like the next stop. So why the pti stop at $8. Market makers giving clients a chance to sell and a chance to short. Doubtful, just the nature of the beast. Already volume is trailing off, more than likely we will see a sell off to $6, will start slow than run downhill like lemmings off a cliff.

    Until next time. . . .

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    • Well said itsgettinold. We all concur. The few pumpers left on here are trying their hardest to make this ridiculously one sided vote of non confidence and clear failure out to be "just another bump in the road for jpi".
      In reality it was the titanic all over again. This train got derailed in a major way. Ghb for 6 million patients, it still makes me chuckle that any sane minded individual would even entertain this mockery.
      Forget about Dr. Sid and his crusaders, they are a bunch of activists knukle-heads. This vote was a landslide without the cartoon characters from the anti pharma movement. Ghb is Ghb. Dangerous, shady, and a pipe dream for the Jnj flunkies and wanna be biotech jazz pharma amateurs. They were put in there place like the arrogant mindless greed mongers that they are. 2 words. Luvox CR. Brrrrraaaahhhhhhhhh

    • Your clearly reading too much into these statement IMO, or maybe you just want to chat.

      "your NO vote today doesn't mean . . . " that is like a common statement, so they all voted no, but meant yes. Get real they mean no and voted no.

      "panel members were clouded", get real again, the majority of them already knew about this, they were so clouded they changed their vote from yes to no. I think your wishing too much for the stock to go up in price. The other 19 who voted no wished Wolfe had shut his mouth too, it has clouded their vote.

      This vote was not even close, maybe if Wolfe had not opened his mouth it would have been 21-1.

    • I think some of you posters are nothing more than sore losers. get your head out of the sand I 'd love to match bankrolls with you.

    • I read it before, that was the case of one person obviously not following rules, do you really think he swayed the other 19, so the vote would have been 19-2.

      Almost everyone who wants the drug approved will argue how unfair the advisory board's decision. It was not a lynching, just a clear vote against the drug.

    • This reminds me of VVUS's stock price after the panel. Stock dropped into the 4s momentarily and has been trading mostly sideways in the low 5s ever since waiting for the next shoe to drop.

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      • Agreed, but the 9-7, okay 10-6 vote gave hope, and Qnexa was not deemed a narcotic waiting to be sold by drug dealers.

        Shoe may drop after labor day, but I think it is more likely you will see Professional Manipulation, a downgrade by some analyst.

        And one can not say the analyst was bought and paid by the shorts, often it is the longs who use a downgrade to buy on the cheap.

        But I think we are more likely to see the stock go sideways or move up to meet the 20 day MA, then go lower.

    • Why would they run the price up so that others could sell into it. Especially if they know its coming back down.

      They would loose money.

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      • Google lemmings running off a cliff, some just can't wait.

        You may know a market maker sets the price, now on the electronic boards the price is suppose to be set by the best bid and ask prices.

        So 1. some shorts cover automatically (take the money and run) 2. others wait a day or so to see what will happen then cover 3. now notice the volume is slowing down . . . 4. If you look to left on the chart you see $6, IMO this is the natural level the stock will trade down to, rather then going back to $12.

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