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  • lbhappytrade lbhappytrade May 31, 2002 4:07 PM Flag

    Oh my God he's BACK...the STCG

    And giving the worste advice of his life...dow under 10k for 20 years...Any investor with any brains whatsoever will see the stupidity and overall uselessness of that remark. Can you imagine...a 20 year call by stcg...hehe, I had to laugh.

    And in a way I have to say I told you so, to all my fellow ELONGS friends when I jumped ship and for the first time went to a sell on ELON. I got a lot of nasty remarks at the time. But if anybody listened they saved a few bucks. I wish I was smart enough to say sell when ELON was a hundred bucks a share...that's a big oops. It's a lesson in greed to me, one I thought I already knew, but obviously needed reminding of.

    When all is said and done ELON is a good solid company . But they have been unable to announce ( yet ) another blockbuster deal. When labor expenses and energy expenses are being cut to the bone by companies around the world, they have been unable to convince anybody else that ELON can reduce costs and increase effeciencies. That's a pretty big matza ball...

    And on the one big deal ( ENEL ) they did get, I have to wonder how long EN will want to hang on to thier 3 million shares that they paid up the ying yang for.

    I think ELON is a survivor and maybe even a takeover target but until they announce another LARGE deal they are looking more and more like a one trick pony.

    As a parting thought I will say your welcome for the GLG advice. A small fast growing gold company that since my recommendation, has jumped and been highly recommended by Merril and CFFI and others. This company did a turnaround before the recent rise in gold prices, and looks to 4X their output in the next four years. Add that to the uncertainty in the world, and the possible upward trend in spot have a small gold stock that has a legitimate chance to double your money in pretty short order.

    I like ELON long term, but think there are better plays to make fast money...


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    • late sell off is due to terrorism only, anyone TRADING the stock doesn't want to hold it over the weekend when anything can happen, you could buy back in on monday, nothing is going to move this stock UP over the weekend, only possibly DOWN, so the only one's holding are the longs like me, elon still a good stock with huge upside, gl to all.

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