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  • b52power b52power Aug 10, 2007 10:19 AM Flag

    When to get out? The famous question!

    "There is money to be made with this stock, but it is due for a 10 point drop over the next week, in my opinion"

    ok...he sold his shares as no one with a stake in Elon would be stupid enough to post this....

    "I am not "bashing" becuase I have been long ELON since 1998"

    We could care less, your out's obvious.....

    "Just my 2 cents, still have all my shares from the past 8-9 years. "

    lol, LIAR......he's a trader/f;ipper and still has ALL his shares?

    Get Lost and post your subtle bashes elsewhere...

    imo you are SCION in disguize......


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    • he is not scion..that would be me...and since you have only just got here and pumping I assume you will be selling and moving along soon...get lost...

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      • B22..what are you going to say to everyone who has bought at $32 with their savings of $3200 if the stock drops in 2-3 days to $22...oh, I'm sorry, did I say buy...get real..I still this technology and this stock, bought at $10 and rode to $110 and back, have bought all along the line, have held for 10 years, want to own only elon for retirement, and expect good things to eventually happen,(next 12-24 months), but that can be an eternity for margin players if overvaluation coincides with market negatives or lack of news for a couple of advice here is to be careful..wait to see where things settle out or wait for news blip that drives earnings...And I'll get in and out as I please without your input as to whether I am a "player" at given instant...take a hike

    • Whatever. If I were "out now" why would I even bother posting to a stock I had no vested interest in? I have been invested in ELON when you were probably still in your diapers. If you have nothing intelligent to add (as it appears you never do) then keep off your mommy's computer or just concentrate on adding new friends to your myspace page. As I said before, this forum is becoming 1998 Ragingbull all over again - thanks to posters like you.

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      • mac and no my space sir... call em like i see em is all.

        You post like your out and want in lower.

        thats all....congrats on your sale of elon re-buy or simply go away as we are having one hell of a comeback as I type......

        go long-er on rflmao.....

        old timer/investor gonna tell me?

        $30.00 hod....

    • B22...what are you telling people that bought at $32, thinking you were smart and knowledgeable, since you trash all the longs that have been here for ten years when they try to tell you and others this run up is too far and too fast without contract news to justify....???

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      • it's...B52...... Pumper? go back and re read my posts, you will realize the difference in pumper vs owner of shares and long is 2 different things.

        We all know what pumpers are and why they are on yahoo.....I'm far from a pumper.

        Grow some BALLZ pallie, you did not buy the dip at $26 or so?

        This was the shake everyone was waiting for and ......your still on the side lines like a cheerleader with a bad period......!!!!!!!

        grow some trading ballzzzzzzz or stop whining.....

        ps, where do I tell people to buy buy buy buy??? by clicking the (Long-Term Sentiment Disclosure) "Buy" deal? thats joke if your claiming folks buy due to my sentiment disclosure.....

        Why didn'y you short Elon? No ballz or no $$$$$$$

        Buy , trade, short or hold....or get out of the way.........

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