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  • t011363 t011363 Sep 1, 2007 5:40 AM Flag


    ...and adding to my positions for the next 6 months until ELON goes under 20$.

    No, I will not cover and I will not run out of cash or hit a margin call.

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    • I guess... What I pay to Reuters, Zacks and others p.a. is more than your yearly income.

      Get first your first 1Mio. and then you may known how to invest.

      Hold tight!

    • Yeah, this guy is hilarious. We should ask him how he came to the conclusion to short ELON. I would love to hear his method of sourcing. I wonder if he's one of those guys who signed up for one of those TV informercial's on options trading. He demonstrates no understanding of ELON's business nor products.

      Truelly amazing, that he even recognizes that his short in ELON could go 40% against him, and he still claims he'll hang in there. Sort of an "investment jihadist", so to speak, he's going all in, and going to take his family down with him.

      The ELON'gs on this board I think are pretty genuine investors, we try and warn a short from time to time, but they remain bull-headed, until their hedge-fund employer can't even afford there .25 cents per post salary! ELON'gs are the type of people who will intervene when they see someone try to jump off the Golden Gate, or let you in when driving, they're good people the ELONG's and they have Karma on their side, just as Echelon has good Karma in that it can have a dramatic affect on the environment, help us reduce energy use, cut air pollution, and better the way we live.

      Shorting ELON, is shorting the wrong principles. Echelon is a company that does good things. You feel good investing in it.

      AthertonMuscle~ "Now, let's toast this short!"

    • Forbes:

      ....ELON's market could reach billions per year later this decade..

      Are you just plain stupid or is it that you like the pain?

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      • ronrohkal,

        Thank you for your post.

        Billions per year by 2010? 2000% revenue growth in 2.5 years? You know, I like hard facts and I will never make a decision based on expectations. Company with misable results like ELON is a ball for speculators. Profit margin -25%, Operating margin -31%, ROE -14%, Price/Sales 12, etc. But, hey who cares! A expected 331% p.a. growth in revenues! Lets buy and hold until 2010!!

        <<"The Russian company COULD buy an additional 275,000 meters... in 2008 and 2009 in a deal that COULD bring Echelon $9 million to $35 million in revenue... shares jumped ... on the news...">>. 9Mio/35Mio is 0.81%/3.15% of ELON marktcap. Do you really think the "price jumped on the news"? So, the news are written for you!

        I will add to my shorts (and options if I can't short) as soon as ELON goes under 27.60$.

      • I think this chump actually wants to pick up some shares on the got to be a pretty careless trader to jump in and short ELON as it closes the gap to $32...and proceeds to the high $30's ahead of blow-out guidance for 2008.

        But traders like this, actually effectively help our cause and I think they have made the critical mistake of lumping ELON into the overall market, and this trader probably wasn't around after the Enel deal when the market was selling off, but ELON went up a couple times, one day it went up 9pts during that lift-off to $113.

        Mark my words shorty, ELON is a dangerous short! You're going to get smoked hard, Oshman has something to rattle you in September. Get under your school-desk now shorty, cause you're going to get hurt!


    • >>and adding to my positions for the next 6 months until ELON goes under 20$.

      A short that fights the chart? Hey, it's your money, or should I say..It's your money, soon to be my money.

      You are too kind. Thank you in advance.

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