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  • greenirishblackirish greenirishblackirish Sep 13, 2007 11:39 PM Flag

    more loses tommarrow


    like what a bad movie over an over again.

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    • That's weird, my crystal ball says it will be a huge up day tomorrow. Really, there aren't enough people on this board to make a difference even if they did listen. Most who are here are long term investors and see dips as buying opportunities.

      Jim Rogers is in ELON's backyard next week. Seems like a great time to announce something especially with the rollout beginning in a few weeks. Don't let those CA utilities steal your thunder Jim. It's time to upstage SCE, SDG&E and PG&E in front of Arnold.

      I see the pattern here is the same as just prior to the MCD deal. Volume a few weeks before was high as stock rose, then as volume fell stock moved down making me wonder if I should have taken some profit, then boom a $5 day with confirmation that the time has arived for this technology. Won't question my position until we reach $100 or there is a dramatic shift in fundamentals which has negative implications. This is a Classic shakeout before the news.

      Word of advice, put your $1k into a new TV. You'll thank me later.

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      • that post was great...keep posting my ELONG brother!

        Funny, we're supposed to be taking investment advice from some paid shrill making .25cents a post...who can't even spell tomorrow...I'd bet a couple hundred grand, the nimrod short has no formal education degree...afterall who else would work for .25 cents a post!

        AthertonMuscle~ "A roller coaster wouldn't be fun if it never dipped!"

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