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  • getupthereboy getupthereboy Dec 29, 2007 9:58 AM Flag

    looking at things in a detached way


    i was short, covered around 16
    the gap at 15 was my target
    i stated that it could rebound from there to 20
    it's trading 23 now on nothing new
    so ,basically elon went from 31 to 14 on disapointing earnings and guidance last cc,it's back up 60% in a week on nothing
    it's called speculation
    so ,next cc,if elon stays around here or even higher and the cc is again disapointing,it will tumble 30% again
    elon will rise when it adds real earnings to the bottom line,not speculation

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    • Getupthere...Actually many others, including myself recognized and posted $15's as a very strong support level, and you may have noticed from posts last couple of weeks that I purchased 6000 shares averaged at $16.18 at that time....To clarify and correct you perception of events YTD,...rise in price was not mysterious..there was a large amount of press and real news from company first 6 months of year...the drift down (coinciding with general market problems, by the way,) had little to do with earnings..anyone following stock knew, as Oshman had clearly stated at previous CC, that there would be no earning until 4th q.....Now anyone following energy efficiency driven stocks like ELON also knows that there is strong incentives, economic and government mandated thru out world that will drive business and stock prices of sector to outperform general markets in '08 and '09 and that is why price has risen...Yes, a market crash would certainly effect ELON if coinciding big news didn't happen to come to press at the same time, but then 98% of stocks will suffer same fate...nothing specific with ELON. And fact is that ELON is most volatile and most likely to explode upward with the coming contracts that are already expected to be announced, let on new maybe Berlin/Hamburg and most of Germany suddenly appearing on radar screen...All in All, impartially speaking, the upside is far more likely than any severe lost of stock value next 2-3 years..just the facts..make your investments accordingly...

    • oh please! Give us a fricking break! No one gives a rats ass want you have done or what you think! Up your earnings seasons and your new year. stick up here

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      • I can relate to your genius investing prowess. If you go back and read a post dated dec 18 by yours truly, then look at what the price was at that time, you will see that the reason echelon has risen so quickly is because when I speak, wall street listens. Fantasy you say? It's no more fantasy than someone who announces they are short and bashes day after day, then AFTER it goes up 60% announces they covered and went long. Come to think of it, my story actually is more believable. So, what color is the sky in your investing world? Mine is beige.

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