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  • h046638 h046638 Jan 31, 2008 2:51 PM Flag

    I would like everyone's input

    I like ELON, always have! Done some trading but as you may
    have noticed ELON can take big swings for no apparent
    reason. For right or wrong I have added 9K shares to my
    position in January. Last fall I felt comfortable selling on the dips and rebuying later. As to whether there will
    be big news coincidental with the cc, who knows? As I
    recall ELON generally puts the news out there when it
    occurs rather than at cc. I am in ELON for 10 years now,
    have drunk the kool-aid...big believer. US utility
    interest in modernization is relatively recent. ELON has
    had a tough time with big deals other than ENEL. Not
    sure what the reason is...maybe they too cisco-ish
    and not enuf old school. It should be interesting to
    see what recommendations you are offered. All one can do
    is follow ones bliss. Whatever the outcome be comfy in ur

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