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  • johnmr12 johnmr12 Aug 30, 2010 2:43 PM Flag

    Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle Utilities Meter Data

    Hey sf_elon, if you are out there, doesnt this Oracle product sound like an alternative to NES? I don't understand how Echelon software and Oracle software would work together. Can you shed some light?

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    • The smart grid revolves around the network operating system. This operating system will integrate a multitude of various standards into an organized database. In the case of Oracle, they teamed with Gorlitz because they have extensive, successful experience with smart grid projects. Gorlitz middleware is based on NES which was designed from the ground up to offer third parties (e.g. Gorlitz, EnergyICT, Netinium, Mecoms, EnergyAuditControl, Oracle, Accenture, Telvent, Convergys, EBV/Diehl, Sitronics, etc.) the ability to build custom solutions for their product offerings. Therefore the Gorlitz EDW3000 (NES) enables the utility to keep a massive database of all their meters and the related meter readings acquired (e.g. power usage, power quality, MBUS water/heat/gas control, MEP expansion port, etc.). NES works on open web interface standards (XML/SOAP) and herein lies the connection to Oracle who specializes in ICT database solutions. NES delivers all the related meter readings in a form which easily integrates with this system and therefore gives Oracle a platform to build an excellent utility solution that ties in customer information, billing, metering reading, water/heat/gas, HAN etc.

    • Works on top of Echelon...Notice that Oracle competitor SAP also has role to play in schematics...Organizing and processing data is huge...that's what Oracle does of course...I think there will be many, many layers to the varied utility roll outs.

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      • Now we see a Cisco entry with Itron...We also see the telecoms all coming into the fray...As Cisco's john chambers said,.."this is much larger than the internet" opportunity...Echelon is "sweetspot", Oshman said...."just win baby" Al Davis said...Oops, wrong field of play but the analogy is valid for Echelon,... just win....

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