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  • johnmr12 johnmr12 Feb 22, 2011 11:29 AM Flag

    How low can this go?

    I never thought I would see it go this low again. Is $7 possible? I know the shorts are feeling invincible with the lack of revenue generating contracts being announced. With this being the make or break year, I sure hope we see a significant contract announcement before the end of the quarter.

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    • Not out of fear, but 'obvious' potential.
      <<<They've proven their products work, just not in the US and that is the primary drawback from my point of view; they're unknown in the US since we lag in smart grid development.>>>
      I had the VERY conversation Saturday night. I'm with ya there!

    • Marko: You are preaching to the choir. We have said these things over and over and over again. We have gotten excited, we have back slapped each other. We have praised Oshman for being a visionary, we have already made Sege a God.

      But yet, here we are crashing yet once again. The markets are up in 2011 and withing 2 months we are already down 20%. THE CHOIR NEEDS ONE CONTRACT to keep us singing.

    • Johnny: I must tell you. In 10 years, I have had days where I have said to myself "well this is the worst of it", and "tomorrow will be better and the turn around will finally begin".

      I have lost count on how many times I said this to myself. It's amazing.

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