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  • jmkopp jmkopp Nov 21, 2011 3:08 PM Flag


    A little while back it was discussed that the downward pressure on the share price might have been connected to Oshman's death and the potential of his estate selling his shares. I guess it seems like the bad news with the Indiana regulatory comittee was the reason for this share price. But, it really seems like this is way oversold and I am wondering if there is anyway to verify if any of those shares are being sold or not. Would there have to be a SEC filing or something if they are being sold? And, would we have seen it by now? If it turns out the the Oshman shares are being sold, I would like to by a lot more shares.

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    • I'm not sure I agree with your "buying a new car" example. The goal in this industry is to modernize to "Save money". If you need to replace parts for that old car, you are going to do it in the most cost effective way. I think we both agree this industry is going to happen one way or another. It's not going away.

      You're feeding into the "fear". But again isn't that the way markets work? It's all about fear and greed. Fear is running rampant in general and about ELON. You would think that someone came out with a better product. And thats not the case.

      You still didn't answer my question. If you were the CEO of those firms, would you pay $10 for ELON?

    • Here is the site that documents all form 4 sales. I'm pretty sure the sale has to be reported within 45 days after it is complete. So far, no sales have been recorded since Ken passed away. If nothing shows up by the end of the year, then nobody is selling. I think the street is convinced that Echelon will miss their numbers in the next few quarters due to the overall global recession. This industry is not a necessity, it's a luxury. It's going to be hard for utilities to convince governments and homeowners that now is the time to make the grid smart. In the long term, the smart grid is inevitable. But many people, myself included, believe the worse is yet to come when it comes to the overall world economies. I just wish I had never told my sister about this company.

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      • Johnmr: Youre very astute when it comes to this industry, but I disagree with your asessment as this industry being a "luxury". This industry is all about energy efficency which in turns lowers costs (but you know that). So everyone will benefit. I am sure their was a time whan a washing machine was considering a luxury. Now its a time saving necessity.

        Youve been very pessimistic lately. You know the best way to view ELON as it sits at $5.13? Ask yourself this question: If you were the CEO of Siemens, GE, CSCO, Oracle, Rockewell etc. and Ron Sege came to you and said you could buy this whole company now for $420 million (which is a $10 share price), would you do it?....I think many would do it in a heartbeat. That price also includes over $50 million in cash they have so basically it's a $350 million dollar deal.....My point is this stock is extremely undervalued no matter which direction you think the world is headed.

    • I guess that information about OShmans family selling should be available soon (if its true).

      But again on the other hand, the stock has a market cap of ONLY $160 million if you take away its $55 million cash. This price makes absolutley no sense at all. Despite world turmoil, this type of technolgy is here to stay. It's not going away because its a proven cost reducer.

      You just have ask yourself if behind the scenes at other major companies, they are not licking their chops thinking they could aquire ELON. It's like the empoeror has no clothes scenario. This is just to obvious? It's way to cheap, that even a $15 dollar a share price only is $600 million. Am I wrong?

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