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  • rossm1952 rossm1952 Dec 7, 2011 10:23 PM Flag

    northstarz2, don't hold your breath

    I've been saying the same thing for over 12 years, but it just doesn't happen with this stock. And I've listened to the cheer leaders on this forum for the same amount of time. Elon is going to do this and Elon is going to that. Smartgrid this and smartgrit that. I'm sorry to tell you this because I'm still holding myself,but it;s over for the stock.When stocks flounders like this one has, the street just stays away, there's nothing here to hang your hat on. Sorry.

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    • captain_whistle_britches captain_whistle_britches Dec 8, 2011 10:52 AM Flag

      We will all just sit and watch this pos die a slow death. 12 years of pumping has done nothing. This is sad. Cash flow negative and the one big contract (duke) sent back and told them to just keep their unusable electric doodads.
      Now ELO is on sale…and who is buying? If someone did buy them, do you think they’d be returning them just like duke did?
      This is really sad. No it is pathetic. It make me sick in my stomach.

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      • If you are going to bash, you need to at least be factual. When I first read the news that Duke had cancelled their ENC order, I thought like you that it was found to be inferior. That's not what happened. If you read the documents from the PUC to Duke, you will see that Echelon's technology wasn't rejected in favor of ambient or anyone else. Duke was told by the PUC that there will be no smart grid rollout in Indiana or anywhere else until further notice. They ticked off some influential people, and since the smart grid is not a necessity as I have stated before, it could be a very long time before Duke deploys beyond Ohio. As bad as that is for Echelon, imagine if Duke was your only customer! So things could be worse for Echelon. So, to then ASSume that the ECN is an inferior product and will be rejected by ELO makes no sense at all. Now, if Duke is allowed to proceed with their smart grid rollout beyond Ohio AND it doesn't involve the ECN, I will be the first one here to admit that Duke chose a superior technology. I highly doubt that will happen. If you disagree, you should be buying as much Ambient stock as you can afford. Right now, their pre R/S price is about 6 cents a share.

    • Nonsense. One announcement could send this stock flying; something simple like the BoD has engaged an investment bank to consider ....


      In which post did you lie? have fun

      Or maybe, you can't do a simple addition. have more fun

      BABA loves a calculator

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