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  • northstarz2010 northstarz2010 Feb 13, 2012 10:19 AM Flag

    R.I.P Whitney

    I had the pleasure of working at Arista Records for 17 years. I started in the mailroom, and answering Clives phones at night, and eventually worked my way up to be a vice president of radio promotion. When I was in the mailroom Clive Davis asked me to drive him somewhere. As fate would have it, it was to Whitney Houstons audition in a small studio on the east side of Manhattan. Clive invited me up. I was there with him and one other person.....A few years later when her first album was to be released, I was in the radio promotion dept. I had the privledge of knowing her (and all the other Arista artists) and getting her records played. It was quite an experience.....In 1996 I gave Clive a copy of an old Four Tops album cut called "I Believe in You and Me". I thought it had potential for our artist Jeffrey Osbourne. He gave it to Whitney and it became one of her #1 records. I was thanked on her albums, as well as other artists we had...............And you just know me as the guy who complains about ELON !

    Rest in peace Whitney.

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    • Hey North..That's really is such a trajedy.She will be missed so much.Hey...I spent the summer of 72 on St Marks place on the lower east side when I was 15.I heard a band a week or so ago that nailed Bill Whithers.Brought back alot of memorys.

    • Sad story but that train wreck of drugs and alcohol was all but sure to end up in demise.

      Sorta like your portfolio of CAMD, ELON, HOKU, STP, XMSR, DSTI and on and on and on.....

      One thing's for sure. You certainly didn't work your way up the ladder with your smarts. hahahaha


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      • Let me see if I understand. Northstarz works his way from the mail room to vice president of radio promotions. He earns enough money to dabble in high risk stocks, and he loses on half a dozen, according to your post. Because he has gotten to a point in life that he can afford to pick losers and still be ok financially, you feel the need to point out his losers. Now, you on the other hand, obviously picked his losers as well, most likely based on his recommendation, which explains your bitterness and creepy stalking. If you didn't lose money on his bad picks, then you are REALLY deranged to be dogging someone for making bad picks that had absolutely no effect on you. So I will assume that you bought stocks based on the random yahoo postings of a total stranger. The degree of your dislike for the guy tells me you lost money that you couldn't afford to lose, and it has affected your ability to keep a roof over your head and keep the lights on. Based on all that information, I would agree with you that we have a dufus posting on here, but it isn't northstarz.

    • Who knew. I'm sure her death has probably affected you more than most of us, but I still remember the chills that went down my spine and the goosebumps I had the night she sang the national anthem before the superbowl. If I remember correctly, it was the first superbowl game after 9/11. I never heard a better rendition of our anthem before that, and I haven't heard one since.

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      • I remember that after the Super Bowl appearance, the next day it was Clive who was all over the fact that the sales department needed to get out a single to stores and our radio promotion department needed to try to get it some "spins".

        In 1995 I sent Clive a memo that our artist Aretha Franklin never had a "live" album (with Arista and Atlantic records songs). She still doesn't. Whitney does not have one either. Both of these artists need to have LIVE albums available in their repetoire/catalog for posterity sake.

        PS...I'm in the process of trying to start my own label. The catch is that it will only feature ONE song as the entire release, and will be availble for download only.....It's much cheaper in todays record business than making a full album.

      • They showed a replay of her doing the national anthem on CNN yesterday and she just nailed that song, it was incredible.

    • Really nice story, thanks for sharing. Whitney is another tragedy in a long line within the entertainment field.

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