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  • kenny2b2 kenny2b2 Feb 2, 2013 1:39 PM Flag

    internet vs distributed intelligence...

    Distributed Intelligence: Making the Smart Grid Even Smarter
    Distributed intelligence is an important smart grid technology trend.

    Currently, smart meters collect data and send it all via the Internet to a central data center for processing. That’s fine for things like trend analysis or billing, but what about for real-time control systems?

    What will happen in the future, when everyone in a neighborhood with an electric vehicle (EV) arrives home from work at 6 pm and plugs in at the same time? An instantaneous peak could easily blow up transformers, especially if load information is all sent back for central processing.

    But if the grid could recognize and sequence the EV plug-ins directly in the neighborhood, enforcing even very slight delays in when it begins delivering electricity for the plug-ins, you could avoid overloads. Because of the need for quick analysis and action, this kind of intelligence has to be available locally.

    With distributed intelligence, data is captured at the edge of the smart grid, at the point where electricity is consumed. Remember, the best smart meters are also sensors. If their sensor data can be analyzed immediately, on the spot, decisions can be made about what’s important and what’s not important based on that data analysis. Information needed later or in the aggregate still gets sent back to the center, but only a fraction of the total data collected will need to be centralized.

    Distributed intelligence is the direction the grid will go, and it will amplify the benefits of smart grid technologies.

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    • Notice that having the meter as a p2p sensor and control device is much more useful and efficient than having ALL the information sent back to a central control via internet....important to understand Echelon advantage over internet...IP is NOT new...limitations have been well documented in white papers for many years..

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      • how is that itron trade of yours working out doophin? ..I can only guess since you insist that cisco/itron will take Duke Indiana from Echelon when Duke restarts roll out that you MUST figure itron is the right buy, huh...Nah, you will never admit to ANYTHING...that's your style of neurosis and bashing. Fact is itri just took 20% right after CC of theirs..guess analysts and investors disagree with your assessment of future of their smartgrid strategy...that's a fact.

      • I appreciate your "falling on your sword" attempt to mitigate damage done by inferring that "only" viable solutions going forward in SmartGrids were somehow cisco based smartmeters. Echelon has always, as an "open source" advocate, (Oshman was father figure of open source to likes of Scott McNealy of SunMicrosystems), pushed for all relevant technologies to be compatible. Itron and Elster have incorporated Elster EnergyAxis architecture within the Cisco IPv6 RF Mesh reference design. .Question you may wish to explore though, is how Echelon meters were slated to work with Cisco backbone in Indiana when Duke contracted with both companies for their respective technologies. Think you will find there is NO conflict there...but do your own DD to satisfy yourself as you seem unwilling and incapable to learn from me. Good the way, Itron has really taken a significant hit to stock price since CC of theirs and announcements of working with cisco...hard to explain if they were indeed going to "take over Smartgrid" with cisco,huh? Maybe some more DD in that area too, you think.

      • "... IP is NOT new...

        That's true.

        - Packet-switched networking goes back to the 1960's ... see Kleinrock's papers.
        - ARPANET was created in the 1970's as the first packet-switched network, the early versions of ARPANET connected a whopping number of 9 computers ... now we are in the billions
        - TCP/IP was born from ARPANET in 1983
        - The need for IPv6 was already discussed heavily in the 1990's.

        So, you are correct here, "IP is NOT new". Thanks goodness, I'd say, otherwise we would have to live with a myriad of gateway-connected networks, such as those based on LonWorks. Good thing in the Q4/CC 2012, Sege finally talked about porting LonWorks to IPv6. I think/hope this will jolt Echelon forward ... if Sege does not sell his company by then, obviously ...

        "... is much more useful and efficient than having ALL the information sent back to a central control via internet ..."

        So, Echelon can do multicasting within a LonWorks subnet, is that what you are saying? Can Echelon's "peers" also talk to other peers across subnet boundaries? Like an IP network, or differently?

        "... limitations have been well documented in white .many years .. ..."

        I agree. It would be important for the board to understand the trade-offs, though. Since you brought it up, what are the cons and pros of IP that were documented in the white papers you read over the years. Well, I am sure Mr. Dolin knows about them and will have his engineers work on a great LonWorks/IPv6 solution - hope they'll brand it under LonWorks though. What I am not so sure about is whether Echelon's CTO can convenince naysayers like you that IP fits very well into the limited resource environment of a meter. I know it does and Echelon can do it, but I also know you will be very critical about Mr. Dolin's IPv6 solution. He'll have a hard time to change your mind that IPv6 is only meant for the backbone. At any rate, be polite to Mr. Dolin, will you. Do NOT call him "silly" on this issue, like that: "... What a nonsensical farce this guy is. Utilities will use IP for their "BACKBONE", as Cisco wants to provide in many cases. This in NO WAY means they want it for their meters, silly. ...". Echelon's CTO may not like it when he talks about iPv6 on Echelon's meters!

    • is your $1 call for ELON after CC working out ?....You said..."you were waiting to buy cheaper"....hahaaaaa

    • So now even dolphindodo..sees that indeed 2015 will see pilots become contracts in I have been telling him for some time...yep, keep your head in the some more itron..cause cisco is only way for smartgrid to go, hahahaahhaaaa.. how ignorant can one basherboy be.....

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      • "... " like I have been telling him for some time..."

        Sorry, you really told me. Here's the quote:

        "… guess I am fortunate to be able to keep buying while levels are depressed, but this stock price is a joke. ElON may never, and I do not expect it to, see the levels it has attained in the past,...but $15 by 2013 is not unthinkable or ambitious beyond belief ..." PLUS "... If market is growing 400% next 3-4 years, "WHO" is going to take all that "POTENTIAL" market? We see Echelon not only maintaining their share but growing share. ... What's more "realistic" john? His $2 call or a 2012 that will see much higher levels than this $5 bad joke. …”

        Thanks for THAT advice. Good thing I smell con artists over miles.

      • "... So now even dolphindodo..sees that indeed 2015 will see pilots become contracts in EU..."

        You don't see anything ... you only see what Echelon's PR people want you to see - Nothing else. That's why you've been invested in this for 10++ years and still watch the ticker.

        " like I have been telling him for some time..."

        for 15 years or so, right. You've been storry-telling about Echelon's market share of 81% and growing in Europe, you've been story-telling about non-unthinkable $15 in 2013, you've been sucking up the nonsense of con artists like Piper Jaffary ... and soon we'll get a message "Like I have been saying all along, IP is the killer app for Echelon"

        "... yep, keep your head in the sand..."

        You don't have the strength to see reality as it is, you will never be able to pull your head out of your sand ...

        "... buy some more itron..cause cisco is only way for smartgrid to go, hahahaahhaaaa.. how ignorant can one basherboy be....."

        Linke or quote in context. Thx.

    • Maybe this is why utilities and governments looking for "best" solutions are going with Sweden with it's Gotland project...

    • ..for dolfino to read..again..he don't get it..hahaahaha..

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