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  • northstarz2010 northstarz2010 May 3, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Off topic: GREAT jobs report. thank you President Obama did this man manage to turn the whole country around almost from the minute he took office. Lowest levels of unemployment in 5 years and the highest S&P ever.............And to think their was some real numb nut that pollutes this board who howled with glee for Rick Perry to be president, just like a 5 year old girl getting her first Barbie doll...............Go figure

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    • So the "official" unemployment report drops to 7.5% giving brain dead liberals and main stream media reason to cheer. The reality is things are actually getting worse. A more important barometer than unemployment is underemployment which has been steadily moving up for years. In March underemployment stood at 13.8% - we found out yesterday that the underemployment rate for April actually increased to 13.9%

      n April, the number of Americans in the jobs market working just part-time increased by 278,000 to 7.9 million. These individuals are not working part-time because they want to; they are doing this because they can’t find full-time work.

      the reason the “official” unemployment rate declined in April was because this statistic does not include all the people looking for work (they’ve given up looking) and because there has been an influx in low-wage-paying work added to jobs market. In 2012, 284,000 college graduates worked jobs that paid minimum wage—70% higher than just a decade ago.

      So while a wholes like Northstarz credit the improving economy due to employment the reality is the 85 billion a month of freshly printed money is finding its way into the stock market. Yes this "clear thinker" wants you to believe all is well in LaLa land. Now only if it were true.

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      • Let's see. Housing formations are increasing while inventory for homes are at historical lows. We essentially have negative real mortgage rates, household debt levels have decreased over the past few years that we have a situation where free cash flow for households is at an all time high. Factor in the replacement cycle for equipment and plants for corporations shows they are operating with the oldest average age on on these items in several decades at the same time they have the most cash on their balance sheets ever. We are starting to see jobs in manufacturing return from Asia all the while we have an emerging energy industry that is ready to catapult this country for decades to come with new jobs and tax revenues. We also recently had the first deficit reduction since 2007 and I was at a meeting with one of the country's leading political strategist that said the currently in a sweet spot for fiscal and monetary constraint. The pessimists are going to be surprised over the next 12 months as the economy and stock markets continue to strengthen as confidence returns in a big way and jobs are added while they continue to complain the world is going to hell as they continue to sit on the sidelines in cash.

    • The blind leading the blind. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. So, when unemployment is 7.4 percent in 3 years, will you once again praise our president for having the lowest unemployment in 8 years? Remember when 7% unemployment was considered high? I guess this is the new America. Oh, and thank God they don't count out of work people who gave up looking for work and are now on welfare. You seem like a decent enough guy, so for the sake of your family, please don't buy stock in the S&P based on what you read. Remember 2008? This next one is going to make that look like a minor correction.

    • Yeah,after King dufus ...I mean George Bush, we may never be the same,but Obama has done an admirable job.Greedy Southern conservatives with an all to familiar racest attitude,they just do not understand.Let us not forget "Romney Care" know the plan that was coined at M.I.T.that became the blueprint for guessed it Obama Care.And coudles to the deadbeat 47%.God loves them.

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