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  • dolphinooo dolphinooo May 11, 2013 1:07 PM Flag

    Street lighting from Rongwen (China), and Itochu/Mitsui (Japan) 3m to 5m potential by 2015/16

    I am glad that Echelon, contrary to deceiver aliases repeated comments, indicated in the last 13/Q1 CC that street lighting from China and Japan will remain a miniscule business for Echelon in 2013/2014. Gee, I remember pumpsty talking about street lighting in China having the potential of making up for the Duke/Indiana contract, just a year ago. And I was the bad guy because I Iol'ed.

    By 2015/16, Echelon expects $3m to $5m from its major street lighting accounts in China (Rong Wen) and Japan (Itochu, Mitsui) [p.8 of 13/Q1 CC presentation slides].

    Rongwen in China
    - 48,000 LED lights in Guangdong region
    -Among largest controllable LED lights worldwide
    - Should expand to 100,000 lights by 2014
    - ELON-powered solutions in 5 major

    Japanese cities
    - 2 key partners – Itochu and Mitsui

    Although the street lighting myth, as spread on this forum, is clearly BUSTED, let's not forget that street lighting is a subsystem business with ~60% margin, hence $3 to $5 million is not something to belittle completely.

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    • Those are SilverSprings' CEO comments that were referenced about potential of street lighting ..if you are going to lie and attack, get the right person. ... Silly..and notice the numbers you quote are what is "expected"...that could certainly turn out to be a larger number as Smartgrid infrastructure also builds out and "unexpected" contracts arise...and, as has been stated, with far reduced OPEX spending, cash flow positive much easier to attain in shorter time period, so the one half-intelligent statement you make, as opposed to the numerous half-witted inferences, "60% margin, hence $3 to $5 million is not something to belittle completely. "... becomes significant numbers next two years...

      • 2 Replies to kenny2b2
      • "... so the one half-intelligent statement you make, as opposed to the numerous half-witted inferences, "60% margin, hence $3 to $5 million is not something to belittle completely. "... ..."

        Well, you are a wharf prostitute. I suppose you are desparate for your next ELON shot, that's why you can can see half-intelligent statements in positive notes and remain blind to any half-intelligent negative notes. There sure is a reason why you lost SO MUCH over a painful 10 years and do the same over and over again.

        It's definitely better than writing things like that. That was not even a quarter-intelligent.

        by scion5•Dec 7, 2011 4:56 PM
        "… guess I am fortunate to be able to keep buying while levels are depressed, but this stock price is a joke. ElON may never, and I do not expect it to, see the levels it has attained in the past,...but $15 by 2013 is not unthinkable or ambitious beyond belief ..." PLUS "... If market is growing 400% next 3-4 years, "WHO" is going to take all that "POTENTIAL" market? We see Echelon not only maintaining their share but growing share. ...

        scion5•Jan 20, 2012 4:13 PM
        What's more "realistic" john? His $2 call or a 2012 that will see much higher levels than this $5 bad joke.

      • Here is SS CEO quote...".Well, something you’re going to see more of this year from us on the smart city side is the street light and traffic light systems. We see a terrific business cash that we’re building out there of our technology, the applicability of our technology into those device is to drive better efficiencies in cities, better street light control. I was talking with a major U.S. city Mayor not too long ago and about all the unique applications in a unique ways that they need better automation around street lights, around safety and responsiveness and emergency systems for lighting and for traffic lights.

        So, I think it’s a big market. There is about to our estimate, close to 300 million street lights in the globe that can be affected by this. so would be the part of the overall total market that we see the size of this.

    • There's no myth, Japan and China are only two countries out of many which will be looking at this technology going forward.

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