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  • northstarz2010 northstarz2010 Jun 24, 2013 3:29 PM Flag

    $2.15 How much money did Oshman and his family milk from this company?

    All of them. Past and current management also. How did they ever get to this place? From the day Sege got here this whole thing just imploded.......Why is no one knocking on their door for a take-over?

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    • "Imploded''......Wow.

      • 1 Reply to wall24450
      • "Imploded" is probably too strong a word....But than again here we are 3 years into the Sege administration. Companies like Itron have held their own (true they have gas as well) , SSNI comes out of the chute swinging, and 20 years into our little gem ELON we are trading at essentially 3/4 of a dollar if you remove the cash. How could this be? Europe did not fall totally apart as was expected, the US stock market rallied over the last 5 years......How can everything that has been set up here for the last 20 years be essentially worth 75 cents?.....Am I wrong to ask why Sege has not gotten any contracts that mean something (except Holley which is very slow). Why? Am I wrong to ask why an intelligent guy (Sege) got this job where he was not from this industry , where Bea passed and Oshman was about to die......Am I wrong to ask why no other company is approaching them to buy them out when they are now in that position.........Somethings gotta give here. Way to much time has past.

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