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  • kenny2b2 kenny2b2 Aug 13, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

    Echelon's Nagarag on IP..

    "IP-all-the-way in building networks remains an aspiration, I admit. IP-enabling the very lowest-cost devices might never make economic sense."
    ..then my quote.." Many small devices do not need, cannot use and is cost preventative to use IPv6, contrary to illusions of some here with less insight... ..." OH MY!..almost like nagarag was reading my posts!?
    Yet, the "ignorant one" basher continues to try to make an argument that Echelon is doomed because of a Itron selling some cisco compatible products. That is the initial argument "fishy breath" fantasized . SSNI or Cisco/Itron is NOT related to "device" IP first of all. Echelon PL technology can handle IP devices or any other kind. I simply pointed this out to basher alias..and of course proved him full of "cut and paste" nonsensical logic...but he#$%$ will not let go of it. ... Clinical denial...

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    • more time..for clarification of the "obfuscater"...

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      • Think about it basher alias...Oshman was a "mentor" to many of biggest names in silicon valley for 30 years open source and a connected world and Echelon was created to connect up all the devices out there! Now, do you really believe that they were not aware of IP ?!???! Or you an idiot? Well, yes you are, but are you trying to prove it to board? Your argument was that if Echelon did not make their meters IPv6 they would lose all business because of point was..that's not going to happen. Second point is that Lonworks will be fully compatible with IPv6 devices if and when they become technologically possible and cost effective to implement. Echelon will be happy to have billions more device to connect up to. I am afraid your psychic isolation is beginning to deprive you of intellectual that why you keep imploring me to school you in fundamentals of Echelon technology? Sorry, you sour demeanor is infectious and I do not want board contaminated with your kind. Please leave. Thanks in advance.

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