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  • rick.horwitz rick.horwitz Sep 3, 2013 5:51 PM Flag

    Has this company posted gains for two consecutive quarters?

    This is not a rhetorical question, it is sincere. I am researching a career opportunity, but concerned about the long term viability.

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    • well, first can do your own DD and find answers to your questions..second, if you are in Silicon valley, why would you worry about "gains"? Since many jobs are with startups with NO revenues or profits, don't concern yourself with how the company is doing..concentrate on what you can do. If you actually follow the board and read postings you would know that the "experts" predict and company management forsees, that 2014 will pickup and 2015 will be significant turn around for industry players like Echelon..with Echelon/Holley JV in China having large pilots in place with every expectation of becoming large contracts. ELO and Echelon in Brazil expect movement to pickup in spite of lax regulator mandates. Central EU looking quite positive in next couple of years also, and Nordic countries continue to favor Echelon over ALL competitors. Lowered OPEX will make meeting profitability easier and quicker next 24 months. Now that you've received an concise vision of company for next couple of years, I am really sure Echelon will want your resume for consideration...

    • Am I the only normal Aholey on this message board you are all nuts

    • I'm bumping this up, because I have not received an answer.

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      • No, they have not posted gains for 2 consecutive quarters. They have lost money every quarter for the last decade. If you are researching a job with them, make sure it is not commission based or loaded with stock option incentives. If they refuse to pay you a yearly salary, don't do it.

      • "... Has this company posted gains for two consecutive quarters? ... I'm bumping this up, because I have not received an answer. ..."

        Well, we are positive thinkers on this board - karma is important to us - so we prefer to ignore those questions. In fact, just asking this question makes you suspect of being a disguised basherboy :-).


        It depends on what you mean by "gains?"

        Nasdaq's website lists all historical GAAP earnings per shares (EPS) on a GAAP basis. According to that list, the last time ELON came in with two consecutive positive quarterly GAAP earnings was in Q1/04 (+0.03) and Q2/04 (+0.04). Of the 34 earnings calls since 2005, they came in twice with a positive GAAP EPS, that is, in Q4/07 (+0.04) and Q3/11 (+0.02). Again, that's sourced from nasdaq's website.

        If we take Non-GAAP EPS (that is, without depreciation, stock-based compensation, and extraordinary one-time costs), ELON generated two consecutive positive earnings in Q1/12 (+0.01) and Q2/12 (+0.02).


        Anyways, like I said, we prefer different kinds of questions on this board. You should ask about how many awards Echelon gets per year and, better yet, how many people leave in China and potentially need a smart meter. That's the stuff we get excited about.

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