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  • hdcafe hdcafe Jul 18, 1999 10:47 PM Flag

    This type of service doesn't


    cut the mustard...My family and I drove thru
    checkers in Brooksville, Fl. Sat. at 11:00 PM and ordered
    a checkers meal...The fries were over fried, and
    the hamburger was luke warm...After driving down the
    road a few miles who wants to return and
    complain....I'm hoping some intellegent coporate worker reads
    this msgs and makes an effort to try and fix that flaw
    with the checkers resturant chain....This type of
    service happens again and again....Please in the name of
    common sense, do something about this type of
    service...I'm not complaining just to complain, I'm an investor
    with this company making me part ownership....Action
    is needed IMMEDIATELY....Thank you concerned
    corporate worker...

    This topic is deleted.
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    • $100M buy stock on margin? That's $100M CKE will never see again.

    • Read this:

      Carl's Jr. founder stung by
      margin call

      Last Update: 3:12 PM ET Aug 22,
      Stocks to Watch

      ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP)
      -- Carl Karcher, the founder of Carl's Jr.,

      reportedly was forced to sell nearly $8 million worth of
      stock in his
      fast-food empire.

      With this
      week's selloff, Karcher's stake in
      Carl Karcher's Enterprises has
      dropped more than
      $100 million since last summer.

      "It's been a
      rough week," Karcher, 82, told the
      Orange County
      Register for a report published

      Karcher's selloff of 875,000 shares ended his risky

      strategy of accumulating stock in the parent of
      Jr. with borrowed money.

      Last summer, he had
      about 3.3 million shares worth
      about $132 million,
      said Andrew Puzder, Karcher's
      personal attorney.
      On Friday, Karcher's remaining
      1.5 million
      shares were worth about $13.5 million.

      Karcher's broker, Merrill Lynch & Co., forced him
      sell in what is known as a "margin call." Karcher

      borrowed against his stock's value, and when the
      fell Merrill demanded the selloff to protect its

      loan. The stock loans now are gone.

      In April,
      Merrill forced Karcher to dump 1.2
      million shares at
      an average price of $13.48 a share when CKE's
      fell below $16. The latest selloff was triggered
      below $13.

      CKE's stock is down
      due to
      sales and profits as it
      tries to revive
      Hardee's chain, which
      it purchased in 1997.

      Shares of CKE
      (CKR: news, msgs)
      fell 3/16
      to 9 Friday.

    • Heard from the street that we are too late on the Pokemon deal - BK has just worked out a deal. Too bad - another lost opportunity to turn this thing around.

    • every couple of days. Maybe not now since the traffic on this board has dried up. Did most of the old posters get shaken out on wednesday?

    • Kids are the boss when it comes to eating out and suing yourself is stupid.

    • Suing because Foley controls both companies and
      they compete with each other as a conflict of interest
      would never fly in court. This happens all the time in
      various industries. There would have to be an action
      which is irresponsible or deliberate with the intent to
      drive the price down. So far I have not seen any
      evidence from this board, at least, that could be
      construed that way. If someone could give a definite
      example, then we could talk this thing up, but until then
      I would say lets concentrate on developing ideas to
      improve their performance.

      I personally believe
      they could jump on the giveaways for kids. I know this
      is a change from their philosophy, but their
      no-gimmick approach has not worked, so why not try something
      different? Right now there are kids dying to get their hands
      on Pokemon mechandise. With McDonalds tied by
      contract to Disney promotions (which kids have lost
      interest over), this would be a good opportunity to pick
      up sales. But this window will close very soon as BK
      or the like will pick up on this very shortly.

    • I still have the same problem when I try to get
      to this board from a Yahoo Finance Quote page for
      Checkers. I solved the problem by reaching this page
      through "Yahoo Overvalues Stocks" page, putting in the
      new Symbol - CHKRD. Once I got to the correct page
      (this one) I marked it as a favorite and now whenever I
      want to read the messages for CHRKD, I just open the
      page marked Yahoo - CHRK. (Sounds strange but it
      I know it is pretty long but if you copy this URL
      and bookmark it, it should bring you to the correct
      message page. Good

    • Can anyone tell my Yahoo doesn't have a direct link to this board? Ever since the symbol change, you can't get here by clicking msg.

      What gives?

    • I have to agree w/your assessment of the price
      direction. This stock is going to go up, how high I don't
      know as today was clear evidence of a 1 day reversal
      off the low. The charts, for the first time in ages,
      have shown me the first positive indication of higher
      prices. Now, if the MM keep their hands off it we just
      might move up a bit. I don't expect anything, at this
      point, to be major but we might get back to the $3.00
      range or even a little higher. With more data in a few
      days the movement will become more clear.

      anyone is trading on this stock they could have had a
      double just from yesterday to today! Pretty good, I'd
      say. However, we are still miles away from big
      improvements in the price so don't go mortgage the farm to get
      into this one!

    • I believe a move back to the 3-4 range is in the
      cards. I don't want to sue, but I agree we'd be better
      of without Foley. All this company needs is some
      good promotion and a few pennies of earnings and it
      could fly.

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