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    • Look Boob you & I both know Gross has only so many investment options to make for a medium term bond fund. So he made a mistake once in, what, a period of over 15 years. BFD

      Either you are in or you are out. I would presume you are out given your running diatribe aganist this fund despite it having been a proven safe harbor in which to park money - any dispute with that statement? There are going to be fluctuations in the NAV of this fund which through its life is always trended up despite your ignorant rants otherwise. Puplava has made several critical errors in judgement in his analysis as current market conditions cannot be gaged using traditional analytical tools.

      For example, when in the last 15 years, did the US government backstop our banking system with over a trillion dollars of treasury monies. Puplava does not take this capital inflow into account nor does he account for the EU crisis which as of today has been merely stayed for 2-3 months not solved [Merry Christmas].

      Anyone analyzing securities looking for a reliable above average return should seriously consider PTTRX as a place in which to park money until after volitility subsides. That said there are better places to put short term money but attempting to use PTTRX as your personal beat down for no apparent reason reduces your posts to nothing more than garbage. BTW you never responded about your silence on the recent PTTRX uptick. What-that got your goat?

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      • Nice to read an intelligent comment for a change. Bill Gross is one of the few managers that I trust. Not that he is perfect, but his history speaks volumes. I made a bundle on Pttrx during the 3 previous years...and I was sleeping well at night. He gave plenty of warning in advance that the dynamics were changing for the bond market. What do people expect??? Have any of the complainers on this message board looked at any of the other options out there?? The smartest hedge funds are awash in losses. Four and five star mutual funds are ALL in the red. Why does someone on this board care what type of house Gross lives in?? He has never been flamboyant in his life style, particularly when compared to all the other fat cats on wall street. Give me a break and grow up!

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