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    • balognahead_baloneyhead balognahead_baloneyhead Dec 24, 2011 12:21 PM Flag

      Sure...Try DBLTX

    • What think you of palladium? I bought a few ounces back when it was under $300 an ounce and now it is twice that. Time to sell or buy?

      I also use it as a backstop to PTTRX except that PTTRX has a responsibility to keep paying dividends and as long as PTTRX dividends more than pay the bills I'm not inclined to move unless I see what I regard as a sure think elsewhere.

    • As did I. I believe in trading around nominal 200 day moving averages and move money among a stable income fund, a DJA ETF and PTTRX. Most - 80 % - of the time I'm in PTTRX and like others who have posted done quite well; but I've said all that in prior posts.

      Cherly its sounds as if you mean well but never had to compete with a retail market and assigned milestones to compete with that market by a BOD. Herein lies the rub I think beteen you and I. I get no forgiveness on budget, milestones or performance. So it's an uphill battle all the time with no forgiveness for me. In fact I get clawbacked on compensation for missing milestones unlike the salaried or hourly staff.

      Though I'm still waiting to see if I qualify as one of those one percenter's.

      Can the vexatious one clarify his comments on this point. I sure don't feel like I have enough assets to support me through a depression - now in my opinion there's a real one percenter.

      I'm thinking my retirement portfolio has a 60/40 probablity of remaining in PTTRX for the balance of the duration. My retail accounts will be a little more active as I gamble those accounts more so than my retirement monies.

      That is my plan until after all the major 3 obstacles to the economy are resolved. Thanks for the e-card.

      Happy Holidays to All PM2U

    • I have a very small % of money in Duke Energy (Duk) and AT&T (T) that pays a pretty good dividend every qtr.

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!

    • What does everyone else here recommend besides PTTRX?

      I have like 40% of my money in PTTRX,15% in precious metals the rest I'm primarily in cash, looking for deflation.

      Anyone else holding anything of note? The low interest rates and high market make investing so speculative it seems.

    • It's true Schiff didn't say the timing, but it didn't matter because he never said short the market.

      If he said short and the timing was off you get screwed.

      He just said go long gold, and foreign stocks from 2000-2007 basically, and no matter when you got in you were up big.

      In fact if you went long gold in 2005 and $500 and were "early" in betting on the crash which happened in 07-08, you did better than if you waited to buy gold when it ran to $1000ish

    • Most analysts seem to think the same thing. They say that Europe will be in a recession from 2012 to 2013. They are saying this will affect China, which in turn hurts the EM.

      The U.S. is supposed to slowly recover in 2012. Analysts are saying to expect a choppy, upward mkt next year and invest equally in Fixed Income, Corporate/Muni bonds, and U.S. LC dividend paying stocks or stock funds.

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