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  • ca_resident_alias ca_resident_alias Jan 4, 2013 9:30 AM Flag

    All a wash

    So much for all the capital gains and extra dividends in December. My total balance in PTTRX as of today is lesser than in the last one or two weeks. Looks like the rapid rise in yields has already eaten our NAV regardless of extra shares in PTTRX.

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    • It depends on whether you are comparing PTTRX to a stock and you are a young buck or if you are depending on monthly dividends for income in the future. If you are the young buck you should not be counting on short term capital gains. On the other hand if you are retired you want as many shares of PTTRX you can lay your hands onto as it is the NUMBER of shares that will determine your monthly dividend in the coming years. So in the case of retirees or the independantly wealthy you could care less about one month or even one quarter's performance so long as your standard of living is not affected. You need to consider all the possible contingencies that investors may be invested in before you start carping about two weeks performance. For example we got a bunch of extra shares in December have you the foresight to understand the implications of those extra shares on increased dividends through the end of 2013. When you figure that one out let us know if you would still be complaining about two weeks of performance. On the other hand you will notice I have moved out of PTTRX for the short haul and into another fund until after the debt ceiling is resolved as I believe PTTRX has more downside risk than it did as of 31 December 2012. But people familiar with my posts know that I move into and out of PTTRX as risk potentials warrant.

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    • You must be crazy to judge a fund performance comparing 2 week changes.... This is a great long term fund.

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