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  • driverm2008 driverm2008 Jun 6, 2013 8:00 PM Flag


    Can anyone explain why with Bond's up today and yesterday and Bill Gross's New York stock exchange BOND fund up both days then why is PTTRX with no gain both today and yesterday??????

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    • 'Cause it's time for them to bust out and leave everyone else hanging..INTEREST RATES are going to move up slowly at first then like a tsunami so the big gamers are moving to be there early. Look for PTTRX to bottom out around 9.55 before the spiral downward ends.

    • Here we go again, another down day. When yields drop, it stays flat, but when yields go up it goes down. It's not a good sign. It looks like PTTRX has become more sensitive to the downside.

    • Because they're managing the fund poorly, with poor timing, i.e. after the fact. They've probably changed or rearranged the fund's holdings in order to hedge and mitigate against any further drops in bond prices, as this causes billions of dollars to be taken out of the fund, which is the last thing they want. In the process, the fund has lost sensitivity to this particular parameter, i.e. bond yields. With a fund like this, with something like 41,000 investments in its portfolio, it's difficult to make corrections quickly. Historically, this fund drops after a day or two of no change. So chances are high that it will continue to drop more often than rise. I'll be happy if it trades in a narrow range for a couple of months so I can receive enough dividends to break even and sell 100% while I still can. I don't see this fund having any legs for the next 3-5 years.

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