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  • ryan_f Jan 9, 2014 4:19 PM Flag



    Did you get a chance to pick up some RXII before todays nice run? I know you mentioned yeasterday you looked into them.

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    • Ryan - After careful review, I'm going to pass on RXII - since they are owned by GALE, I hope to benefit from RXII from GALE. NIce bounce this morning for GALE. I am still in love with GALE!

    • Ryan - perhaps the low jobs number might create some buying opportunities today. I'm back and my Ferret nose is working again! :-)

    • I got this stock called CYNAF around 50 cents and it went down near 40 cents and I got some more. A famous seeking alpha writer got me in it. Don't chase do the DD. I didn't get too much as it is one that can trade thin. Oh well, we seem to be making a lot of cabbage these days on various stocks. I got XOMA before the secondary under $5, only a small position, I wanted to load and now look. Many companies use their technology patent and pay small fee. I have a ton of VTUS about a buck cheaper, come home VTUS you stanky specimen of a stock. We want the big run to $5-6, is $8-12 too much to ask? Move up.

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      • I got burned to a crisp a few years ago on OTC...don't even look that way any more. Funny story, bought CELO at like went up like 20 cents after one of these mass marketing I sold it and made like $800 bucks. Mind you, it was the first thing I ever I took that plus some more and went all in on OTC stocks...lost every last

        Ahhh, man was I dumb!

      • Cat, you or Ryan or somebody mentioned RXII which I bought and sold made good money but it keeps on flying. Same with ATHX. Thanks! I am trying to buy more IDERA on the dips. I was playing CADX but it is looking like it is making the inevitable move upward and I got caught out on a sale. That is what I get for milking it. Not a huge gainer but a pretty stable bet. In the same Category I have ATRS and of course the stinky stock. I think bios will do well for a few years. There is a bio revolution occurring and it seems all you have to do is step around the cow pies. Thank you Cat, Beav, Patch and Ferret. your input is highly valued. Maybe we could use the CATY or BEAV message board to share ideas, they look pretty clean. Or I'll just see you around in IDERA or ACRX. Water getting murky tonight. Glug, glug....

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • I mean VTUS is 80mil and has 30mil in cash????? Anyone out there???? This could easily be 200mil and no one would think it was over valued.

    • No Ryan......... today wasn't a good day for me (bad headache), so I placed a few low-ball buys, took a nap and gave my eyes a rest! I didn't loose any money, butt I didn't make any either - a wash!!
      Tomorrow is another day though :-)
      Time for a glass of wine for me! LOL