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  • ryan_f Jan 13, 2014 4:20 PM Flag

    ClickClack..... ISR hope you got a piece of the action


    thanks to you i made over $4,000 on them today alone. Thanks man.

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    • I didn't...all my powder was in RNN, VTUS, AEZS and CBLI...had I any funds I would have gone in heavy on ISR. I'm glad it took off for you. On my end, RNN had a very poor last 1.5 hours and AH was equally poor. I have a stop limit order in at 1.41 which will be most certainly taken out tomorrow AM if I don't cancel it. I'm faced with a decision to ride it out or get out tomorrow for a 180% profit. Not sure what I'll do yet but leaning towards trusting my DD and $2 price tag which was my planned exit point.

      I don't chase I've missed will run hot tomorrow on you and will probably go right by RNN. Hope you have a nice position. Good luck, friend.