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  • pjinvestmentco pjinvestmentco Jan 2, 2013 1:46 PM Flag

    Hey John Hess remember us?? Shareholders !!!

    amzing how this keeps being the most under loved oil stock in the world..Hire Goldman..oh you did now sell the company

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    • rladmer Feb 5, 2013 12:21 PM Flag

      Still in. How could Hess ignore this and say they are on the right track. Their not for many years. They follow others . I think any shareholder would vote for the proposed spin off and new board members seem to be the heads in their industry. Hess said he is moving in right direction . Not true Hess discovered Bakken and he is being ego arrogant ! We want change !

    • Fly on Wall in El Jeffe's office:

      JH: What do you want, lacky
      Visitor: Thank you for this audience your excellency, there are some hints flying you are considering selling this company.
      JH: First of all, get out of my line of sight, you are bothering my putting.
      V: Sorry your excellency.
      JH: Yes you are sorry, just like the rest of the sorry lot that I keep around my palace for amusement.
      Now then, I will dein to answer your question with one: Do you see the name on the building?
      V: Yes.
      JH: As Keats said: That is all yee need to know.
      V: I see. So, the answer is it is not for sale.
      JH: Are you just that stupid or just pretending, frankly it is probably the former or you would be working somewhere else. NO, it is not for sale, why would I give up my empire and lose my face time on CNBC and get kicked off the Board at Dow?
      V: You one smart guy boss.
      JH: Now I see why I keep you here, you are a visionary and excellent judge of business acumen. Exactly what function do you do here?
      V: I am your press officer.
      JH: I thought so, by the way the crease in my trousers was a bit ragged yesterday, you better get a better iron.
      V: Boss, by "press" I mean I am the guy who relates your market visions to the news people.
      JH: Well, if they think I am selling here, you are doing a poor job, I suggest you stick with ironing my clothes. I am not going to tell you again, get out of my line of sight, your shadow is causing me to pull these putts. Frankly if this office were a bit bigger, something I will work on, I'd practice my polo up here.
      V: Wow boss, golf, polo and I believe you are a yachtman also, is that correct.
      JH: What I do is my business. I stop by here every so often to ensure the rable is hard at it but now that you remind me, I am late for my lunch engagement at the club...get out of the way.
      V: Boss, please, one more question....the CNBC guys want to know where you see the oil market going from here.
      JH: UP of course, that will move this stock up. So, they come to me when they want info eh. Good for them.
      V: Yeah, it was someone who said they were looking for stocks to short but that does not make sense if the price of our product goes up as you suggest.
      JH: There you have it, I am a market visionary. When I talk, people listen and take action.
      V: You got it boss, let me push the button for your executive elevator.
      JH: You did not do that yet, remind me again why I keep you here?????

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      • 1 Reply to grandvn
      • Hey boss, you look happy today, what is up.
        JH: I just heard my stock was up a few points yesterday and heading higher today.
        What that about boss?
        JH: Who knows, maybe the street is finally noticing how smart I am as CEO.
        A few board members: Things looking bleak sir.
        JH: You crazy, the stock is up for a change, be happy. Why so glum?
        Directors: Looks like some of us out of job soon, this has been a nice ride.
        JH: Why, did someone here challenge my ideas?
        Directors: No but we think there is change in the air.
        PR GUY: Good morning you excellency, do you have a statement to release today?
        JH: Statement, hey you are interrupting my daily sermon to the board.
        PR GUY: Yes, about the group buying up some stock and putting nominations for new board members.
        JH: Huh? They must be crazy trying to undermine my empire. Between the shares I own and the trust which I control, I wish them luck.
        PR Guy: Well it seems as if someone believes it because the stock is up quite a bit of late.
        JH: See, if it were true and they were trying to unseat me from my empire, the stock would be down, not up. Who else could they get to run this place and do as good a job as me?
        PR Guy: They say the list is endless.
        JH: Just a bunch of guys with money to burn on some folly. Tell the press I have no plans to leave. Besides, between here and my time on the Dow Board, I only have to divide my talents in half.
        PR Guy: Well, others in history have said that too and they went away.
        JH: Hey, whose side you on here. Let me remind you who pays your salary as monumentally over paid as you are, you will never find another quite like it.
        PR Guy: Yeah, every time I send out my resume, all I get back are comments which in effect say you must be kidding.
        JH: See, right again.
        PR Guy: The jobs I have applied for have been doorman and elevator operator.
        JH: There you go, get some experience, call for my executive elevator now so I can get to my club for lunch. Don't forget the rose petals for my walk to the elevator.
        GROUP: Good Day your excellency, Sir.

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