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  • sdevous sdevous Jan 22, 1999 9:37 AM Flag

    CNBC and Mario Gabelli

    this morning saying more positive things about CVC, his largest single holding... Also, reiterates that AT&T is probably going to continue its interest in CVC's regional assets.

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    • does anyone know what cable co. have fiber optics
      in place. one i know that does is COX cable. they
      are getting ready to have phone and internet service
      in Tucson will take about another year. i don't know
      how will have the phone service. this looks looks
      like this is the direction of the industry.

    • Sorry, I come from a telecommunications background and am not sufficiently familiar with MPEG storage and playback equipment to believe I should offer an opinion.

    • Since you seem to be knowledgeable about cable
      internet service, what is your impression of TWX and
      Seachange's relationship? I have done some research on SEAC
      and it looks pretty good, perhaps slowed by lack of
      capital, but the stock is attractive the way it is priced
      right now.

    • Here are some thoughts I posted to the T board

      The deal as announced appears to address voice and
      voice-bandwidth data to the residential and small business
      markets. However, it should not come as any great shock if
      some of the content that TWX has developed for
      Roadrunner starts to show up on @Home, or even if T and TWX
      merge the two ISPs in another joint venture. Remember,
      RR and @Home do not compete directly; they are
      segregated by the franchise areas that their respective
      parents hold through the CATV systems.

      The key
      idea to keep in focus is that T is a
      telecommunications company, first, last, and always; and TWX is a
      media company that happens also to have become a CATV
      MSO. T now is becoming a CATV MSO to exploit the
      potential of the in-place TCI franchises and (upgraded as
      necessary) infrastructure to run rings around the RBOCS,
      GTE, and the other incumbents. Serve 'em right, too,
      considering how they have done everything in their power to
      hang on to their "natural monopolies" in the area of
      local plant! I believe that when the CATV systems start
      to be seen as "the other telephone company" rather
      than just a delivery system for many channels of
      increasingly specialized video programming, there will be a
      further consolidation of the MSOs anxious to get in on
      the telecomm game. Cablevision, in the New York area,
      has already been mentioned as a probable acquisition
      target for just that reason.

      And yes,
      unfortunately, there are rural areas where there isn't and never
      will be CATV because the population densities are too
      low. These can be served via satellite for data
      services, just as they have been served for the last 15
      years for entertainment video. It can be duplex, too,
      with spread-spectrum uplinks. It will cost
      more....perhaps quite a bit provide RoadRunner/@Home
      kinds of services to Rural America, but that is one
      facet of the lifestyle choices that people make.

    • That's an easy Billion $$. I'm new to CVC. Can you tell me where to find this info on ATHM warrants. Thanks in advance.

      TMA n LA

    • CVC holds warrants to purchase up to 10 million
      shares of ATHM at 50 CENTS (that's right CENTS) per
      share. Although this should have a dilutive effect on
      the shares of ATHM, remember its an internet stock,
      and probably will triple instead. This would mean
      that CVC would have a huge "hidden" asset on its books
      since ATHM trades today @$118.
      I bought CVC in
      December of 1996 at a split adjusted $8 and am still
      looking for an excuse to sell. Can't seem to come up with

    • Does anyone have an opinion on how the Boston court decision that went against Cablevision might effect the short term outlook for this company or is it mostly meaningless?

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