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  • digger2222 digger2222 Apr 15, 1999 1:31 PM Flag

    nasty person

    what a shame anyone has to read this type of message!!

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    • I live in a cablevision serviced area and I can
      tell you that CVC does just fine when it comes to
      support for my cable modem, or my Television service. In
      the 8 years that my family has been here we have lost
      cable service 12 (TWELVE!!!) times, now can any other
      cable company put up those numbers. Furthermore if
      Stern is so upset with Cable let me ask you this does
      Jackie M. join in on his tirades, I doubt it because
      Jackie live a couple of houses down from me. CVC is on
      track to put Long Island on the high road in
      communications. Don't prejudice your opinions with input from a
      windbag like Howard Stern. Just my HO. WJ

    • Frankly, I could not imagine running an
      infrastructur in a crowded urban area like CVC's. Got to be a
      massive headache. Problems? Sure and always will be. I
      have TWX and two clouds in the sky and we go blank.
      It's always greener on the other side of the fence. I
      think Dudeboy mistook this board for customer service.

    • I agree with your response, instead of looking at today�s loss as a negative, it is the perfect opportunity to buy although I think it will slip just a little more before rising.

    • As a Howard Stern listener I am sure you lack the
      intelligence to comprehend what is going on with this stock or
      any other stock in today�s market for that matter.
      Yes it is easy to say this stock sucks because of
      today�s loss and I am sure you will be the one that looks
      like an ass when it splits by the end of the year. Oh
      yea, when you go buy your dish ask them where are the
      local channels, the surround sound, the support, the
      free installation and the picture when it rains. By
      reading this you can see I am a strong supporter of
      Cablevision, lets see who�s door they will be knocking on when
      we offer online services and 3.2MB per second, jerk
      off. Cablevision offers more for your money when it
      comes to service.

      And as an employee see how
      many other people will support their company the way
      Cablevision people do.

    • can someone give any meaning to what is going on with this stock today. i would appreciate it

    • Anyone have any info on what happened today? Was it inside selling due to some news soon to come? I was under the understanding that alot of positive info was coming forth on this stock soon.

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