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  • investing in this stock....Just a friendly
    warning. As an avid watcher of IWRK-now IWRKC, I can tell
    you that Goldwater can sink a ship pretty quickly.
    Promise after promise that excited investors never
    materialized. We on the Iwerks board just got wind of his new
    appointment recently. We are in shock that he found something
    so quickly....I encourage you all to got to the
    IWRKC board and view the reaction. Then look at the
    stock performance. Here is a recent excerpt of a

    Lets look at a few facts.

    $300k in
    straight up salary and benifts packages minimum over two

    Part of Goldwater crew that reduced the liquid assests
    of Iwerks from $7mil to near bankrupcy from inept
    leadership, and poor decisions.

    We have read it
    before, but do not stick up for one of the team that
    brought Iwerks into a hole they will probably never
    recover from.

    I have gathered through my network
    she is making her living selling on e-bay (good
    source), and Chuck is a CEO again.

    I guess this
    proves the old addage wrong again "you can fool some of
    the people..." with Chuck you just look for a board
    of directors that does not do extensive research
    before you hire a CEO, or he has one hell of a technique
    when he slips on his knee pads.

    Bitter no just
    disgusted that a company that had real potential could be
    allowed to be distroyed by a inept cast from the

    Chuck Pukewater
    Jon wantabeafimmaker Damill
    and the rest of the cast we all watched bring the
    company to the shoulder of the road.

26.36Sep 2 4:02 PMEDT