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  • david_reaves david_reaves Mar 28, 2002 9:56 AM Flag

    Why PHD matters

    In addition to the excellent points in the previous post "Why PHD matters", there are a couple of other points that make the system significant.

    The first point is that the machine uses a much lower level of consumable supplies for each treatment. Current hemodialysis treatments use gallons of water and solutions. The filter/kidney and all tubing must be disposed (in many cases, the filters can be cleaned--but that is also expensive and error prone). The lower cost of consumables provide the second benefit--the improved therapy benfit of daily hemodialysis versus thrice weekly treatments. If dialysis patients are healthier, then they cost the system less in other medical treatments and they may be able to maintain full-time employment.

    This isn't the first machine that can be used at home, but it may be the first machine that can be used by a broader market of ESRD patients. The simplicity of operation, and the ease of setup and clean-up due to the patented methods certainly make it a potential winner.

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