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  • Haf48 Haf48 May 24, 2002 8:06 PM Flag

    Analyst Recommendation & Investigation

    Can someone explain what has been going on with this analyst who was espousing to short the stock? And what was the connection with the FBI? Since the FBI is not in the best of light regarding the 9-11 terror attack it makes one wonder just how honest and credible this organization can be. Also it is amazing how this manipulation of the stock occurred so shortly after the FDA approval of the technological advancement in renal replacement therapy that will revolutionize the nature of delivery of services in this field.

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    • Quickest way is to read the news stories regarding the ringleader - Elgindy and, his website.
      Nothing amazing about the timing. It was BECAUSE of the news about the FDA approval,overnight soaring in price, that not only brought lots of attention to this stock, but got his attention as well. Had it not been for that, there was nothing here for him to be interested in, shorting only works if the stock price is high to start with. This wasn't the only company he preyed on, nor was his crimes the same with all the companies he was involved with. The FBI agents charged with him were involved in schemes on other companies.
      Way too lengthy to explain here.The news stories will explain, as well as the posts here since the news of his arrest.
      BTW, he wasn't an analyst and he made no bones about shorting this stock.